photonic human ascention


Do you feel stuck? How about knowing what your soul is here to do on the planet? Are you lost, making a living and punching in and out of your own power as a sovereign being? Are you tired of feeling empty no matter what you do to fill your spirits?


If you feel like life is too hard, and are constantly exhausted by your work day and even too tired to enjoy your weekend, then NOW is the time to re-align with your soul “mission” here on Earth as a human being! Life is meant to enrich and sustain you to be the optimal sovereign entity that you agreed to be! Life is full of experience inherently enriching our energy levels and in order to do this, we must fill our tanks with the proper INSPIRATION, INFORMATION, and MANIFESTATION! We have incarnated here to utilize our sheer power to both work and play with a heightened joy and profound knowing as an infinite non-physical being, and operate efficiently and effectively in our vehicle here experiencing the current human limitations of mind and body.

What success looks like in our society today, is identical to what living aligned with your spiritual purpose IS!

Monetary wealth


Material Possessions

Good Mental and Physical Health

Public Acceptance

Supportive and Fulfilling Friendships and Partnerships

Wonderful Family Life

Inspiring Career

 Profession of Choice

Are all part of being truly balanced between the many facets of your multidimensional nature! All these thing are MANIFESTED into your personal reality when you are doing the necessary work that you were incarnated to accomplish! Before you entered this plane of reality through the Earth portal, you as a non-physical state, designed a blueprint and agreed to carry out a specific mission to raise the vibration of planet Earth and to hold and maintain enough light quotient for mother Gaia to transcend into a higher dimension of reality.

Gaia is currently in the transition phase through a kind of cosmic gate that only happens once every 12,500 years or so (see procession of the equinox, photon belt, interstellar medium). Our mission can only be fulfilled if we make the choice to become conscious enough and raise our vibratory frequency so that we can align quantum aspects of ourselves existing in many different time/space’s. This increased vibratory version of ourselves synchronizes our shadows, illusions, and separateness to become a hyper aware, intuitive, intelligent, psychic, and ultimately POWERFUL expression of our complex energy.

The reason why we cannot make a logical calculation directly to our “destiny-ation” is because we need to experience and acquire things far beyond our human awareness can fathom right now.  We have developed something known as “karma”. This has created a pattern or set of themes that we must go through in order to remember who we are and what we decided to be in this lifetime. Karma is based on freewill. If you infringe upon someone’s freewill,  you encumber karma. This feedback system is designed for you to learn that you choose and create your reality. No matter what someone else does to you, or what you to do someone else, you ultimately decide what you are going to do with that response.




Our paths are wayward, ridden with unexpected curves, bends, zig-zags, surprises, twists and turns to help us find the right people at the right time, to experience profound emotional lessons, and to support others along their wearied path.

winding path

In the proverbial “labyrinth” of your life path you have many opportunities to learn key lessons of your soul’s direction that will connect you with another level of meaning and understanding of you current location. Thus aligning you even more with your optimal “timeline” or space/time continuum. We enter this dimension not remembering what objective we have come here to do in this lifetime. Your individual mission is of the utmost importance and is so sensitive that if you were to know your blueprint before you are ready, you could possibly go into such a deep state of denial and fear of what you could accomplish that you would simply just give up on this life and give your soul task another shot when you have a “better opportunity”. Right here, right now and in this lifetime, is your best shot at accomplishing you highest evolutionary purpose.

This “indirect” path gives us a lot of wiggle room to venture off our “direct objective” and to experience the wonders that the current state of the planet is. The magnetism of your soul mission pervade’s your every move no matter how much of a “failure”, “off course”, and “lost” you become. You will always be steered and guided back to the central theme of your BLUEPRINT.   The Earth matrix is one that is under a “lock down”.  There is an illusory veil set in place to retain the condition of a segmented planet and it’s people.  By staying connected to your own power and your own generator of infinite intelligence, you will know in your core essence how to align with the answers that you long for.

ancient labyrinth

When we line up in single file and follow the foot steps of others we dim our own hue-(man) light. When we are marching to someone else’s tune and sequence of steps, we are not following the unique rhythm of our hearts. When people do not allow an authentic and self-preserved faith in themselves, we have an entire population of people who are inauthentic and untrustworthy to THEMSELVES! You NEED to trust yourself in these changing times!

You need to trust that you do have the answers! That you will find your way to becoming your ultimate ideal version of yourself!

Humans are limiting themselves from reaching their full potential as a quantum being and they won’t do the work to discover what that CAN BE BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO TRUST THEMSELVES!

You here reading this now are a key component to anchoring your powerful multidimensional light into the planet and literally activating an ascension phase into a higher reality and accelerated life.

A fast closing window of high density particles acting as a portal for Gaia to transcend a stifled 3 dimensional timeline, has opened for those who choose, to enter into a new possibility of space/time in the 4th and 5th harmonic density.

When you want to copy  another individual’s life/success, you bog down the potential reality to discover and CREATE your own life/success.

When you are not aligned with your soul blueprint, you are limiting the cosmic energy and multi-dimensionality that you are imprinted with and designed to embody!  The more people who are unhappy, depressed, confused, enraged, suffering, and lost, the more dense, heavy, and limited the energy they anchor into their reality.  We as a collective planet and species share a common consensus reality and we need to take our vote back!

What is your purpose here on Planet Earth?

What is your mission?

What is your light?

How does it look?

BOOK A SESSION NOW and I will guide you in discovering what your SOUL BLUEPRINT is and work with you on creating the necessary ACTION STEPS towards significance! Defining what it is you are here to do and converging with your soul integrity and spiritual mission!