First blog post

Greetings fellows humans!  This is the beginning of a wonderful and very informative journey that transcends space and time! I am sharing with you all the things that are current, profound, and truthful in my life as they emerge. And I am very pleased that you will be here experiencing new knowledge and lessons with me!  I thought I would mention why exactly I created this website… However I actually don’t “know” why I chose to do this at all.  Yesterday (4/5/2017) I sought out on an extensive hike through the mountain range we call “South Mountain” in Phoenix, AZ.  On top a steep hill where I was to chart my course farther into the mountains, I grew dizzy and light-headed, and decided to rest in a shadow cast by protruding cliff. I began to read “Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians” and was deeply moved by the content of the book.  With just the initial reading It inspired me to start living with conviction and to abandon logical reasoning of projects and endeavors. To not worry and mind the who, what, when, where,how and why I should pursue something that I am excited about. And, Abra-kadabra! Here is my first website and blogpost!

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