In the past month I have gone over a few upgrades to say the least. Some of you may read that and understand and say “oh yeah me too, how cool?!” others might feel a little perplexed and possibly feel left in the dark. The truth IS, we are all undergoing various “rewiring” in our lives whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Some of the changes may be in your routine daily life. Your job, your home, relationships, whatever. However, there are other alterations that are most certainly occurring within your being that you may not think twice about. Emotional feelings, physical sensations, tingling, what may seem like “foreign thoughts” any number of phenomena that transpires without you even really taking a minute to ask yourself: “did that really just happen?” Now I have said all this to briefly bring those of you up to speed, while gradually opening up the ol’ CELLar door to the idea that maybe there is something permeating the fasade of gossip, politics, memes, netflix, pop culture, and the very life that you so desperately are so afraid of not living to the fullest. (to be continued)

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