As this new paradigm of high (in comparison) vibratory energy envelopes the solar system, every person on this planet will experience activation of dormant “junk DNA”. Because of these epochal clouds of mysterious particles have encountered celestial bodies such as our sun, Sol has reacting to this by essentially processing this amazing new energy and emitting what is to us, EXTREMELY enriched and highly charged photons or light particles which in turn become streamlined to Earth (that’s us)! How does this new invigorating light energy effect us you say? Well, from what a little bird told me ;) everyone on planet earth and the rest of this universe for that matter operates on the most fundamental principal of Free Will. Now the topic of free will can be quite controversial and intensive so it is to be interpreted by each and everyone of us by using discernment. Discernment is very important in these interesting times. Without getting too much into detail, (if you wish to know more I implore you to contact me personally about this matter) polarization is “the action of restricting the vibrations of a transverse wave, especially light, wholly or partially to one direction” (for example: when a super high beam of light is cast upon sayyy a windmill on a moonless night. As the foreground of the structure and blades are illuminated by this blinding light, the shadow of the tower will appear to become darker in contrast to the introduced light and the naturally lite landscape). Now, since our entire molecular existence is made of photons (which is the stuff that constitutes an atom) and our primary photon source (sun) is sending us this new beautifully restructured light, I would deduce that we would in some way, shape, or form react to this in some way. And we very well are reacting to this. RIGHT. THIS. MOMENT. Look around you, are “people” the same? Is what you are overhearing in colloquial conversation the same? Is the way we always looked at the world the same? Is the world everything that we expected it to be? Are you the same as you were last year? Or maybe your feel the same as you did when you were a child? (to be continuted)

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