When descending into this world via your mother’s birth canal. The portal of 3rd density Earth was christened by your energy signature (DNA composition) and YOU, who is exposing yourself to this content right this moment is here on a mystic mission from a higher density. How did that last sentence make you FEEL? Pay attention to your autonomic nervous system and how it reacts to new “occult” information. Did you get a sharp feeling of excitement? A burst of energy? Or maybe a sinking in your solar plexus? Moving forward, being that we are multi-dimensional beings, we are simultaneously “being” in each and every density or dimension in this space/time however we do not remember our life in another less dense (higher density) body (astral, etheric, lightbody, etc.). Essentially we all go through life trying to solve the mystery of why we are here on this planet and what is life like experienced in other planes of existence. Now when we are experiencing life as a human on Earth, in the current space/time, we are inspired to use the first law of our universe, which is free will, and decide our level of sense-ability, connectedness, and cooperation with the other carbon based beings of this world (trees, animals, rocks, minerals, fungus), and eventually cross the threshold that keeps us from interacting with non-carbon based beings that could range anywhere along the gamut of dimensions. Now onto the main course of polarity. Polarity is what occurs when environmental systems such as our own (Earth and our solar system), reaches a point in the cosmic cycle of evolution where it must adapt to survive. How that translates to us is of utmost importance. Given that we humans posses free will, we are inclined and influenced to act in behavior that will be of service to self, or service to others. Now this law can be shaped and misconstrued to meet the user’s needs as one sees fit. It is of utmost importance that you identify within yourself, when you are doing yourself a dis-service because you are indeed a very integral part of the entirety of our unified world. When one moves into the knowing of the implications one has when engaging in service to self or to others, then one can more appropriately make decisions about each effect it has on another. So one must contemplate how each energy exchange will be processed by the seemingly “other”. This concept can be interpreted by the ancient modalities of good and evil, right and wrong, just and unjust. These concepts are very elementary in the evolution of the soul and ultimately our ascension into a higher realm of intelligence. We are destined and encouraged to transcend this vicious cycle of the hero’s journey (good and evil) against the threat of darkness and embark on a return back home where and when the great battle has already been won and where we all are empowered and have proven to ourselves that we are capable of overcoming the worst of odds. This is the quest of the multidimensional human. This is the quest of the adept. (to be continued)

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