Saturation of highly charged particles of light are permeating the the solar system as we traverse through the “high frequency cloud” or “photon belt”. The vast majority here on Earth who are still entrenched in the + and – (critically acclaimed structure of the atom) of our 3rd dimensional reality are suddenly feeling a wash of “discomfort”. If the “amazing” new gadgets and tools are not distracting those humans that are stepping into their emotional bodies too much, they might begin to start asking the more profound questions. And when you continue to ask profound questions folks, you soon will receive profound answers. As I was saying, the photon belt is interfacing our sun: SOL and in reaction to this new brilliant light particle information, SOL is gettin’ active. While this prosperous light cascades through the range of densities that encapsulate our solar system, the sun heats up and becomes a beacon for all of it’s little children to raise themselves up into a higher more streamlined reality (4 dimension collective consciousness Earth). This Ascension is having drastic effects on our human bodies to say the least. The mainstream media (MSM) and their producers – the global elite, want you to think of this world and reality in a way that will further propel their wealth, greed, fear, domination, and violence. They are lying and desperately deceiving in any way they can to steer and influence the collective consciousness so they can continue their tyrannical reign over Earth. False flags, reports based around “nightmarish” and “tragic” scenarios are playing out all across the board, in efforts to ensnare you into the domain of fear, dis-empowerment, doubt, and confusion so that you will operate from a place of impulsive, erratic, emotion. This will not occur. Our father SOL is activating our dormant DNA and bringing the sovereignty of the Human species back into our grasp. Now, it is only up to us to reach out and go inward to become the very beings that we want to embody. The possibilities are endless and I myself have a vivid image of what I am becoming. I have felt many new things in the past months and they are exponentially increasing with fervor as I continue to listen to my body, my heart, my intuition, and as I go deeper into my own fully conscious and aware being. I have done a bit of research on these symptoms that I will report that I have experienced the followng:

  • intolerance for any and all forms of violence in person and through media
  • sensing what another person feels at any given moment
  • feeling of a dizziness and vertigo during the day and sometimes feeling waves so intense that I must sit down of lay down
  •  high-pitch tone in the ears
  • ears popping do to pressure changes
  • thoughts about what surrounding people are thinking
  • knowing what food will make my body feel good and vice versa
  • tingling in the back of my head
  • tingling in my neck and shoulders
  • feeling bursts of energy and wanting to use my arms and hands to expel it
  • spontaneous tingling throughout my spine and body
  • throbbing of muscles
  • urge to sit in quiet space and meditate
  • shortening of breath causing me to be more conscious of my breathing
  • intolerance of background noise (tv, music, talking,)
  • intolerance of any fiction or what I perceive to be information that does not have a high spiritual nature
  •   mood swings and very clear powerful feeling of emotions that I can feel entire torso and throat area compared to feeling only in the gut
  • heightened sensitivity to my emotion and the exertion of emotion from others
  •  feeling of peoples energy field
  • thoughts about seemingly random people’s ailments and areas in the body that may be a concern
  • hearing wisdom, reassurance, and guidance from spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, and others
  • desire to pray and intend positive thoughts about others and myself
  • sensing  spirits and entities that need to be crossed into the light
  • desire to be outside in nature more
  • desire to “cleanse” an area that I feel has stagnant energy
  • images of immersing people and animals in bright white, gold, and blue light

These experiences are available to everyone who chooses to connect with spirit and align themselves with encompassing presence of creator/source.  Open yourself to it. Become the infinite. Accept it as your reality. Be it. You can only be the extent of what your IMAGEination is.  Much loveblue sun 2

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