We are here to help humanity. We are the Pleiadians +, the Agarthans, in the center of the Earth. It is through telepathy that we wish to communicate with you now. It is time for humanity to choose. It is time for a conscious shift in the way we perceive the world and it’s people. The author of this writing is cross perplexing and does not have a name. We dwell within your planet and are multidimensional. We are here to facilitate the awakening of each human and gently propel Human species into the Golden Age of self realization, knowing, love, understanding and perception. We love you and only want to see you thrive in peace and prosperity. We want to share what we know with you to help you become the best version of human you can be. We are perplexed by your altruism and patriarchy and we are writing to help you move past these limiting beliefs if you are willing to do so. I cannot stress enough what the importance is of the awakening of humanity. We are the Agarthans and we send you love and light.

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