When light sheds itself onto eyes that have been in darkness for so long, the light is invasive. Filling the void space of what darkness is comprised of. Bright photonic light particles enter this void and fills the space with these fast moving particles and upon doing so a sensation is administered. It is a sensation of abrupt and piercing nature. One that is enriching and revealing of the darkness that has kept us in a state of ignorance. When a planet has experienced the relative darkness that Earth has and it’s people have been subdued inside of the confines of their only home, new light is downright painful and is a extreme stimulation that permeates our entire being. Light alters the chemical makeup of a locality upon contact. We are witnessing this phenomenon in this lifetime. A short intensification of heat (global warming), and LIGHTening fast information is flooding the planet (the internet). As many people are suffering and frightened by what the light reveals, their natural response is to deny it. To repel what may be revealed to them in fear of compromising their only known way of existing. To escape from the transformative light and what it represents. It brings forth a whole new responsibility whether the being is ready for it’s transmutation or not. It may cause the individual intelligence to react in a way that elicits the shadow “fight or flight”” response, in preservation of what this little tiny light source (individual humans) claims to be. To protect the very existance of what this lifeform has managed to survive and experience. Upon waking from the darkness that harbors our vision, to a bright light that shines through our rejuvenated senses, embrace what comes next. For it is a alchemical transference taking place. One that will enrich your lives and allow a whole new opportunity for you to experience more of yourself. Namaste

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