It is my intention to transform what little knowledge that I have into wisdom, through the process of communication with you!

As humans we are not solid or as dense a material as you may think.  We are made of 99% water molecules maintaining a stable temperature of about 98 degrees Fahrenheit.  Considering the primary environmental stressors here on Earth, the 3 different types of matter (liquid, gas, solid) are influencing by 3 fundamental transmutations. In essence all matter is determined by (1) Temperature in the form of heat and cold, (2) Light in the form of photonic particles, which increase the ionic charge (electric magnetic value)  depending on the presence or absence of it, and (3) Oxidization in the form of radical oxygen molecules aspiring to stabilize themselves to other molecules.  If we as humans are exposed to an environment that is highly demanding to our own internal calibrating processes, then our own equilibrium (molecular density) will be challenged therefore creating added stress to our organism.

It is not my intention to implore you to snore however there are some ground rules that you may or may not be aware of.  If temperature were characteristic of the density of matter ,(liquid, gas, solid) then physiologically we would be a lukewarm liquid preserved in a series of organs separated by individual membrane walls.  Still with me!? Anywho, all that incredible “stuff” that your body is comprised of is kept at a very constant vibratory rate or :temperature. We can put this into context in terms of swimming.  Have you ever swam down to the bottom of a swimming pool or lake and begin to feel a immense pressure in your ear canal or glands? This pressure is actually increasing as the the temperature drops as is actually responsible for the increase in “gravitational force”.  It may be too subtle for the naked eye but it is actually cooler in temperature the farther down into water you go.  What the temperature represents is the distance the atoms are spaced apart from each other.  I don’t mean to sound like an elementary school, earth science teacher but I believe there is more to this phenomena than we give credit to.  Especially in a metaphysical arena.  Proceeding with my prerogative, the colder the temp atoms are exposed to, the more condensed the space between them becomes.  So the molecules or “community of atoms” that make up your  inner ear and glands in the swimming pool example are actually experiencing temperature change that is inherent in the surrounding water, which in turn change the conditions of the water INSIDE of your body. And I’d like to point out that I myself along with many other strangers have documented ringing ears, popping ears, pressure changes, swollen glands and a slew of other things that I won’t get into here but the point being is that it is occurring with the identical symptoms of extreme pressure/temperature shifts throughout our everyday life. This in part, is because of the changing climate, the dramatically heightened activity of our Sun, and our particular location in our galaxy in space (dipole repeller).  Mind you that all this reactions are fractals or smaller repeating occurrences of the same heirarchy of our universe.  We are only looking at the levels or dimensions (3D) that are closer to us. And if I may boldly say, the more contingent your ability to process this infinite hierarchy (existence) is upon logic, the more difficulty your own understanding of it will be (I will explain this more in my next post!).  With this phenomena that we are examining with water, we can INTUIT that there is a special kind of polarizing force occurring within this temperature drop and increase in pressure in the water. We can assume that the same polarizing force is impacting the rising temperature of our global organism which in turn effects  our biosphere, our subconscious, our thought projections and the very living structures that we hold so dear!  Getting back to the main topic of the hour, I would like to introduce a new conceptual understand of the 3 dimension forces that make up our material universe as we know it. This force can be attributed to something like a swirling cyclone or vortex(orgone).

There are many “experimental” scientists that conduct studies on this cyclic electromagnetic or gravitational force. Doing so completely vacant of monetary gain,   significant press or corroborating professional interests and peer reviewed science. There is an immense collection of documented hypothesis’s and conclusions to their experiments.  Without going too much into the varying nomenclature and ideas of this circulating force (orgone) that transcends our scientific instruments and minds, I will impart a very digestible concept to all listening in. The objects are two differentiated spiraling forces that are known as “Centripetal spiral” and “Centrifugal spiral”.  These two forces coincide with the expansion and contraction force that is innate in the modern day circulation of  Newtonian physics.  Centripetal physics is characteristic of absorption, condensing, solidification.  Identical to the force that is channeling pressurized (gravitational) force starting from outside going inward motion.  Physical examples of this would be condensation, rain, photosynthesis, digestion, gravity, learning and the collection of materials and non materials.   centripetal spiral    Now keep in mind that these processes are occurring intelligently by themselves, at all time, in all avenues of existence.  Oh and by the way, the amazing human being that documented this phenomenon goes by the name of Viktor Schauberger.  The connection that he made with these forces was initially with water after living and studying nature for decades.  Without going too much into his life, he initially made these connections with the nature of water and considering that we as humans and all other “known” lifeforms that exist are 99% water, I’d say that this relatively new info is extremely relevant to us and our understanding of life.

The polar opposite of the Centripetal force is the Centrifugal force.  The Centrifugal Spiral is the expansive force that is of a higher oscillation and a cyclonic motion beginning from the inside of an atom or system, into an outward expression of motion. It is an operation that begins in the center of a strata.  Some common examples of this everyday phenomena in human life would be communication, social engagement, excretion, exercise, artistic expression, rise in temperature, evaporation, and growth.  centrifugal spiral.png


Now that we have gone over these concepts we can move onto more new concepts! YAY! In terms of our culture and the brink of social collapse that is permeating everything we hear, feel, and sense, this implies a lot to consider.  The fact that we are heating up, regardless of the finger pointing blame game that our media is displaying, means that we are physically expanding on an atomic, molecular, and quantum(time) level.  The higher temperature of the hierarchical organism (Earth) and the polarizing of our collective humanity in politics, (social)media, religion, and general belief systems marks a astounding process of EXPANSION.  EVOLUTION.  If we don’t become more conscious of our moments, of our home, of our bodies, of our actions, and of each other than we will not gracefully transmute our lower density, solid, REAL problems that have and ever increasing probability of being solved with the expansion of our beliefs, which translates directly to POSSIBILITY.  There are billions of brilliant people and ideas that are here to extinguish the thralls of our Earth and the solutions are NOW.

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