Transmissions from the ether!

We alongside the Earthbeing alliance want to divulge to you that our Earth is a Reborn one! We are proud to share that we have battled against great odds and formidable enemies to reach the completion and result of Peace!  There are numerous ways we can tell of our victories and what it means to you!  The planet has been absolved of entities and forces that were only present to dominate, control, and extort. These beings are now dealt with as we speak and Earth and it’s population can look forward to a true new Golden Age of Spiritual Enlightenment and a New Renaissance in Technology of Healing!

This era marks a pivotal time in Earth history and each and every soul here now has earned a front row seat to the new paradigm.  We do not mean that you are only spectators in this wonderful dance in the tides of men, but want to include you in your own liberation and renewal into this new phase of possibility.  One where we can become pioneers and powerful wielders of truth, justice, compassion, love and forgiveness. One of the most exciting things is the abilities that will be discovered and circulated to those attuned to certain wave lengths.  There is so much to look forward to and behold in your hands, hearts, and minds.  You only have to make it possible for yourselves to experience. Clear away all negativity and blame.  Wipe away judgement and prosecution.  This is a time to lay down your weapons and use your mind facilities . To use your being as a conduit of what it is you wish to embody/manifest.  This time is a summit of collective energies and effort to make this world what you all imagine it to be in your most pristine, ideal image.  For it is not our way to tell you it will be ok.  You as individuals must arrange yourselves to what it is that best suits you.  Whatever condition, sickness,or grieving you may be going through, you will preserver to be the best you possible!  All who read this are special in the case of being a lightworker. One who feels compelled to love and care for others and one who seeks the best of all conditions/situations are called upon to create a real metropolis and beautiful home you can be proud of! Love and light is the path. You must find your own way through this trail and become immersed in the beauty of the moments that pervade your every step.  Do not wish for the future, know that you are capable and FEEL that which you seek.  Choose to experience it now so that you don’t have to wait for the slow 3D reality to catch up with you and your multidimensional selves. We don’t number other realms of existence but we know it is a very good way of understanding to you and we will say that you are constantly interacting with billions! of different realities at the same time! We digress and want to embellish your power in awareness and concentration.  We feel very enamored with your remarkable progress and will always stay with you through every moment!

Authors note: I became overwhelmed with hot “flashes” throughout my whole body (concentration in arms and legs) during this sitting.  My breathing became impaired and my heart rate was through the roof near the end so I had to stop writing and turn my focus on something else. It in fact was the first time I have experience any symptoms like these and would only say that the euphoric energy I register with when sitting and working these transcriptions was tapering near the conclusion along with intense physical un-comfort.

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  1. truthearth

    Thank you for this Chaney. I like the personal empowerment message peppered throughout this dialogue. Instead of telling people what they want to hear, there are things we need to hear. Keep up the great work! Light and love.


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