The form of which there is none.

Imagine for a moment that there was only one original particle.  This one photon possesses miraculous intelligence, wondrous power and is of infinite capability.  Conceptualize that this photon particle, this substance, (matter) made the choice with it’s infinite intelligence and power (free will) to be everywhere(space) at the same moment (time).  This force which I will identify as particle, has to be in constant flux and movement to maintain it’s equilibrium.  With the many phases that this particle can depict itself as, we have the 10,000 things as the ancient Lao Tsu describes in Tao Te Ching(all matter).   The higher demand or more dense this infinite particle has to structure itself to become form, the more solid things are.  One is example is diamond, it is the most dense community of photons that we know of here on Earth.  Kinetic energy or gravity is very thin and separated from itself in it’s formless state.  A tame breeze that is not behaving erratically is a manifestation of these extremely loose groupings of Photon Particles.  In this seemingly mundane example of wind, it is created by an extreme centripetal pressure(compression) upon which it garners enough energy on the inward channeling converging onto the opposing centrifugal force(expansion), projecting it’s maximum climax of inward motion(explosion) transferring the kinetic energy into an outward motion.  This phenomena is creating what recent quantum physicists are describing as “mini black holes” with gravitational fields of their own.  This is occurring on an infinite scope and range beyond what our minds and computers are able to compute.

It was Dewey Larson the theoretical physicist and engineer who proposed that: the first product of vibratory 3D matter is what we call the photon or “particle of light”.  The Law of One material is another source that has stated something very similar to Dewey Larson’s claims and is actually referenced in these Law of One workings. The Law of One is a collaboration of people and off-world beings interfacing though a human who has undergone hypnosis and is being harnessed as a type of communication “instrument”.  In this profound scientific experiment, the group communicates with a being that has lived on Venus billions of years ago and has since evolved to a state beyond physicality.  The beings or “collection of beings” that they describe themselves as live in a density (dimension) that they define as the 7th Density. Without going too far into the contents of the books, (which I highly recommend) I will just talk briefly about the fundamental laws that these incredibly evolved beings summarize in The Law of One.

The Law of One states that there are “distortions” of existence, which fundamentally structures an opportunity for “intelligent infinity” (consciousness/awareness) to experience more of itself in the form of “separated consciousness”.  Separated consciousness is the individual.  The entity that is separate from the other.  This principle is essentially what is referred to as The First Distortion.  It is also important to note that The First Distortion is considered by RA (7th Density Entity) to be the distortion of finity, of a limited viewpoint, of what we may confuse to be FREE WILL. RA goes on further to state that The First Distortion is also called The Law of Confusion.

The Second Distortion is the Distortion of Love.  Love is the creative principal that births complex systems, whether it be plants, animals planets or galaxies with billions of smaller systems operating within it.  Love in one understanding can be compared to gravity. Gravity is that force which attracts all things to be together again. The force that predisposes things to become one system, organism or hierarchical structure.  When you love something you are “pulled” to it(centripetal force).  You also “pull” objects and beings that you love to yourself and your center of gravity.

The Third Distortion is the Distortion of Light. Light is the photon particle that creates all matter and is the mechanism or organism inherit in all structures.  This is sacred geometry and shapes.  There is shape to any and all things that you can conceive of and it is all built upon the photon particle.  The particle of light.  Light is matter.  

Considering these two pillars of what keeps our 3 dimensional reality in order LOVE (Gravity/Electromagnetism) and LIGHT (structure of all matter), we can facilitate  how these two forces interact together. Gravity which is a force that is virtually invisible to the naked eye directs photon particles (light/matter) to help structure a system of intelligence (i.e. human, dog, cat, planet, solar system, galaxy) by using a force that can only be characterized as the cooperation of “inward” and “outward” directional force. Thus in a vibratory sense, Love and Light come together in the activity of unity in it’s own free will.  Which brings me to the ideology of humans.

Love is a focal point for all of human’s aspirations, dreams, goals, and wildest imagination.  However there is an incongruency in this formula of what generally humans consider to be “love”.  And that my friends is expectation.  When someone loves another person they do not only WANT the other to love them, they assume, they hope, they await, they predict, and through possessiveness, they demand that they are to be loved back because they have shown what they know as love.  And when that other person has finally attained a mutual feeling of love, the expectations and the energy exchange is increased.  We start to suggest they do things for us, to make a certain amount of money each month, to do a list of chores and run a list of errands, to do this and that, and to refrain from doing that and this. It is all a massive misunderstanding in my opinion and it is rooted more or less in scarcity.  In the state of lack.  In the feeling of not having or losing.  Lack is a deep rooted thought form that is ingrained into our economy, academia, science, psychology, religion and society.  On my next post I will touch on this more and speak about the many aspects of  the demon that can be reduced down to one extremely powerful emotion.  FEAR.

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