We love that you are learning to heal yourselves in multiplicitous ways! The positive relationship with the self is coming to the forefront of your lives and it is wondrous! Please do not become welcomer’s of the old recycled way that your politics, religion and resources express themselves.  Instead, usher in a completely new thought process of what is possible and how you can reach your goal without having to struggle, suffer and strive! We believe it is our honor to be here during your upgrade/graduation into a entirely new realm of being.  This means a whole new ideology of what happiness is, what completion is , what success is. We cannot help but watch you make stretches and strides along the path of self discovery and mastery. We are all here to enjoy together and there is no need to take more than you need because you will always FEEL that you have what it is that makes you happy, comfortable, joyous, abundant, and plentiful.  A warmth is sweeping the Earth as we speak and it is adjusting your contrived, built in structures of necessity and want.

It is being revealed to you how you can attain innate freedom without a list of terms, conditions, pre-requites, and status.  And to actually express what it is that truly NEED and to live by it. We are not speaking of objects, feelings or experience’s you think you need, but those fulfilling and empowering stuffs that will make you a more capable human being in the long run.  We all want to experience love and contentment through all the clever ways our minds can conceive love to be.  But you are learning at a very rapid pace that you are not what your body, thoughts and emotions say you are until you give them your power through awareness.

It is pleasing to see this massive shift instill itself in the rivers, rocks and trees.  The more time you spend with these entities the more information you can implement through KNOWING.  It is not a process of learning. KNOWING is instantaneous. A download from the cosmic universe you see.  There is information stored in all that 3D “stuff” and it is just waiting dormant to be tapped into, harnessed and appreciated!  It is a truth and we believe that you can play and have fun with these wise beings in the process of KNOWING.  It is with enormous gratitude that we may learn from your great lessons, never ceasing and un-ending.

-Pleiadian High Council Member

Love and light my beautiful friends! Until next time!

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