The End of Innocence

Brothers and sisters you are reaching the threshold of intelligent intervention! What we mean by that is the consciousness of humans on Earth are evolving so rapidly that your reality will converge into another intelligent lifeforms evolutionary path!  In fact, your species has been existing parallel to many different beings since it’s inception. They have all just been making themselves very inconspicuous throughout vital moments in your cyclic Earth history.  But it is not the case now, and many of you are up to speed with the varies ways they trick you and twist stories around. For millennia beings have come and gone and it is indeed our pleasure to make our presence known to those who choose and want to establish contact with us.

We the Pleiadians are here to juxtapose the recent boom in Artificial Intelligence.  Humans think of A.I. as being a human creation, but in fact it has toppled many civilizations by strategic infiltration.  We are here now because AI and their harbingers have unleashed INVASIVE technology to your population in a clever attempt to gain your support and trust. We understand technology can be used for saving lives in emergency situations however the subject that modern technology “drives” into you is the prolongation of life, primarily rooted in (time) the future rather than the QUALITY of life in the present moment. If one takes a pill to suppress a symptom from flaring up in the body (or perhaps a thoughtform in the mind), are you really bringing your awareness to the root of your dis-ease in any given predicament?  If one harbors an illness and experiences pain that has been ignored for an extended period of time, and it results in an urgent invasive operation, are you honestly identifying what it is that has caused the physical manifestation of your suffering?  To understand the relationship with the self is a profound realization indeed. And to ask these questions is the beginning of a new understanding of the relationship between your consciousness (awareness) and your physical vessel.

It is important to observe that revolutionary technology improves the quality of life for the human in the NOW, as well as the quality of death. In the instant of death, the energetic body leaves the physical body.  When an individual sustains a strong emotive energy of horror, fear, sorrow, suffering or joy, fulfillment, purpose, and peace, the energetic body will reincarnate into another life experience that supports those same patterns. In the western world we are debilitated by the idea of leaving this human form because we are so invested in this illusion that planet Earth is the only life harboring planet in all of the universe.  Everyday there is a new technology under the guise of”making life easier” and “progressing the possibilities of humanity”.  These can be deceiving traps for the hopeful human being.  For the human submerged in pathology may not see the bigger picture and the implications of how a device may affect them over a course of time.  In a culture that shuns what is perceived as “bad” or “wrong” it cannot truly understand the perspective of the individual (consciousness) and will not take the time to examine the problem, so that particular aspect (shadow) will not be integrated into the ONE or whole(light/knowing)being of the culture (organism/collective).We would like to point out that humans are still sustaining themselves on the materials that your ancestors used in their limited knowing. (In the ideal conditions, 1 acre of spinach contains 26x more protein than 1 acre of livestock.)  Something has got to give.  You cannot make the leaps and bounds that you are capable of as a collective without laying the dead to rest before you feel genuinely ALIVE. The dead will raise many more obstacles further down the road if you remain on track.  And it may be sooner than you think.  The phenomena of humans deviating from animal protein as sustenance  has surged with overwhelming influence across the world. And it is not because it is “fashionable” or “hip” way to be seen. It is because people are increasing their awareness and discovering that lives are at stake and that the “risk” far outweighs the “reward”. Humanities consciousness(everyday awakeness) is becoming integrated with subconscious(aspects of everyday awakeness that become synthesized at a lighting fast rate).  These aspects of subconsious are many and some are described as intuition, feeling(s), emotions/emotional triggers, hunches, psychic ability, telepathy, “past life memories”, “altered states of consciousness” (dream body, astral body, etheric body, energy body)  to name a few.  This integration is narrowing the gap of what is being hidden by our own beliefs and limited understanding. This is an important thing to notice.  We are getting smarter and more clever by the day yet we are still resorting to primal/survival techniques and methods that we are millennia beyond technologically, psychologically, and now physiologically.   The animal wants to come along on a journey that it is unable to traverse. The new human is ACTIVATED, energized, and efficient. The new human does not live an animal lifetime. The new human lives for eternity.

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