It is a tremendous pleasure to be here speaking to you today.  It is we who have done the tedious work of cleaning your oceans and rain forest’s from litter, petrol, and other hazardous materials.  We have bestowed upon you an opportunity to help yourself from the degeneration of you planet and species.  We have come to witness the enthralling event that will be attuning you subtle Earth vibrations and energy signature. The Earth is going through a bit of a graduation  and with this promotion comes many new responsibilities and as well as big changes.  The byproducts of these massive changes are prolific and are absolutely necessary for Gaia to transform into her new vibration signature and for the future of the human race to succeed as a true cosmic race.  Souls are leaving the planet in troves as a consequence of the inter dimensional shifts that are taking place. What we know as 3 dimensional space and time has already made a profound transference into what we would describe as  4 and 5 dimensional space.

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We are witnessing mass awakening going on around the globe and it has sparked a destructive reaction from many. This behavior takes many forms. People are enraged, seething with anger about the lies, illusion, plunder, and pillaging that has transpired throughout your human history.  We indeed have seen what the power of mass awakenings can accomplish and it is quite tenacious. What you are witnessing on your news channels and global televised reports where natural disasters have excited, is the emotional sabotage of what these new awaking energies will do if they are summoned too quickly and vehemently. It has been a steady increase of celestial energy over the past few years and we will continue to see a spike of chaotic unpredictable reactions from the collective consciousness of humanity as a consequence of Solar activity.  But for everyone that is willing to know, we are enduring this dramatic shift with you and we are here to help guide you and support you like a big brother or sister would convey when a younger sibling is transmuting the sorrows/throws of there genesis/growing.  It has not been exactly easy to stand by and watch the suffering of humanity (tear each other apart) and do nothing to directly intervene but we hope you can understand that what you are going through right now is identical to a metamorphosis. Just as a butterfly begins to emerge from the chrysalis, you cannot meddle with the new creation.  You must unearth and purge that which is inside of you that can no longer serve you (all that which hold you back from being inter dimensional: beliefs systems of religion, old science, unsustainable practices, illusory healing of the medical industry). We know the implications of this are many and we can not only say that there are simple explanations of what it is that you are exhausting because that which ails you is numerous and is very vast and invested.  From what we have seen, is that what you cannot handle yet is being filtered or caught in your stream of consciousness and therefore creating a back-up of inconsequential force and pressure. And that is a what we are seeing today in many of your storms and quakes. This of course does not dissuade you from continuing on the path to higher knowing of galactic truth and will not impede your progress and your leap with Mother Gaia.  This planet is your home and your ability to rely on each other has to be paramount.  The decisions you make must consider the environment, biosphere, animal species, land and bodies of water.

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This is a moment in history of great reckoning and healing. Because that which challenges your right to be here only makes your will and sovereignty more powerful.  The ability to call on your masters and guides for help is the key to sustaining the onslaught of trans-dimensional energies (shed everything that you are afraid of, and that which you have doubts about because it will not serve you in the is era. Those who do not shift with this planet will be left to their own devices. detached, and unaware of their own connection to the nature and the planet).  We have discussed with you the many traumas that have erupted in your past and present and they have all brought you wonderful realizations of that which you could not conceive of. It is through struggle that you put on a mood of enthusiasm when confronting new challenges like the ones you see today. It will uplift your whole being into a state of infinity. We have said many times, the Pleiadians +, that once you mastered the body you have masted time travel, healing and infinite awareness. The body and consciousness are inseparable when it comes to true mastery of self.  One can only choose what would be a better investment in time here in this planet. One can only exclaim the infinite joys of discovering your true potential as hue-man beings. We are all here watching over you and explaining this whole process as it unfolds.  We are only a minute away of intentional silence and you may have this arsenal of knowing, confidence, of leadership in self.

It is our intention to be here to serve you with what ever questions you might have. To be clear, present, aware of what it is that you want to know is important. You must establish a connection within yourself that is sturdy and reliable so that you can stand on solid ground to reach us.  We want so much for you to want to see the bright side of things all the while staying very aware of what is going on around you at all times.  That doesn’t mean what is going on the world outside, the world that does not have you best interests in mind, The world that sees you as a threat.  You must unplug from the mainframe of illusion and submit yourself to self evaluation and loving kindness towards all beings alike. This is of utmost importance.  Establish this connection with yourself and you will have no more worries. This is the true wisdom of galactic nations. We are all here watching, waiting, and loving you from a distance. This is an epic journey to universal knowledge.All you must do is make the choice to embark on it. You may even be left at the shore of a crumbling world if you do not reach inside of yourself and make the necessary connections.

Until next time, we will be forever here,With loving kindness and grace

The Pleiadians

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