Trans-humanism & A.I. Part 1/3

The human body is a piece of technology that is an extension and derivative of the original oneness of all the conscious lifeforms in creation. Both physical and non-physical (3D or >3D).  All conscious lifeforms have a “unity consciousness” that encapsulates and encompasses everything that sentience has in common.  “Separation consciousness” is what we experience in our day to day 3 dimensional lives.  The quantum “distance” between unity and separation is increased and decreased every moment of your conscious awareness from the assimilation of energy through your thoughts, emotions, and last but not least, actions.

If I may go on a little bit of a delineation of thought here, I would suggest that the human experience is to consciousness, as computers are to humans.  Humans supposedly created computers, and consciousness I reckon, created humans. And what part of the body do the majority of humans assign the residing of their consciousness? THE BRAIN. Does the brain house the intelligence of what a human is? Are there invested interests in private industry that want to separate the mind and the body? What many people don’t realize is that the almighty brain is an ORGAN of the human physiology.  It is only PART of a functioning, organized, and symbiotic greater whole.  Many of us think that it is in someway a SUPERIOR or DOMINATE piece of ourselves that has power and prominence over all other bodily hardware.  The brain is the contributing force to our identity and how we perceive our reality in relation to our identity (psyche). In a culture that is vested in power and prominence, it is only natural for our psyche to perceive any dignity of life through the attributes of such a directive and calculating maxim (the brain/ego). In reality(my reality at least), the brain isn’t the one and only “command center”. The brain is not the storehouse for consciousness or thoughts for that matter.  It is my argument that the direction “we” are steering (or are being steered) the course of humanity is indicative of the separation of the brain from the body, which includes all those organs and limbs and things.  Let me explain.

Artificial Intelligence is a relatively new concept for the entire known history of Humans. The emergence of robotic intelligence and A.I. was significantly augmented in the the “sci-fi” sensation of the 1950’s (The Day the Earth Stood Still, Master of the World, With Folded Hands, War of the Worlds). The underlying premise of these prophetic films introduced the idea of computers, machines and A.I., to take complete control of humans and establish superiority over the control here on Earth. These machines effectively do this through the domination of self-induced, indispensable everyday functions and mechanisms including military defense, law enforcement, workplace automation, and weapons systems (which is now more similar than different to information systems).  I would like to point out that many people’s livelihood are entrusted in servers and hard drive’s around the world, creating an extremely dependent role of humans to computers.  Since the advent of the “Space Race” that John F. Kennedy embarked upon with N.A.S.A and Russian Aerospace projects ,(Roscosmos-The Russian Federal Space Agency) human existence has been inundated by onslaught of technological take over.  With the introduction of early radar, plastics, nuclear weapons, medical and psychological testing and experiments, computer chips and radio faring communication, it could be said that the imagination’s of pop culture’s most pronounced writers and film directors ran with the concept of expanding human thought, by challenging it’s own paradigm of reality with non other than-Science Fiction.

“Ever since World War II, the American government has mobilized science, mathematics, and engineering on a vast scale, whether in large government laboratories, by funding research in universities, or by purchasing high-tech products from companies in industry.” (DR. DAVID MINDELL)

The second world war kicked off this suspiciously rapid, paradigm shifting focus on tech advancement to match the formidable adversary of the Allies, non other than the Nazi’s. It is believed in some research professionals and scholarly circles that the Nazi Party and associates of Germany attained this extremely advanced technology from the mystical and supernatural Vril Society/Thule Society.  The Thule society were a group of high profile business owners, politicians, aristocrats, property owners, doctors, lawyers, and mystics among many other highly educated class of citizens.  The Thule was direct successor of those committed to the Vril who among other things, were known to gather in secret meeting places’ and communicate with non-physical entities through the altered state of consciousness known as “trance channeled hypnosis”.  Scientists and engineers alike were given incredibly detailed blueprints and manuscripts by the elite-class members of Germany, who would eventually be early sympathizers and proponents of the National Socialists German Workers (NAZI) Party. During the war, Nazi’s were conducting highly classified experiments to develop “exotic technologies” from which the groundbreaking technology had surfaced.  In the form of these mysterious blueprints and instructions. Achieving only moderate success, the Nazi’s were ultimately unable to effectively weaponize (fit 20th century weaponry onto anti-gravity craft) a fleet of “flying saucer” type craft with the encroaching Allied military forces.  In short, the Nazi’s forfeited their stronghold throughout Europe and escaped to established military bases in the Antarctic.  They primary were capable of this mass transit by administering the use of revolutionary Navel submarine ships (u-boats) that covertly carried resources and troops to the south Pole.  Without digressing from the main topic of this writing, this highly advanced technology was much too valuable to simply lock up the German scientists and throw away the key.  Americans granted asylum to these subversive Nazi scientists and their expertise through the classified military operation: PROJECT PAPERCLIP.  What we were beginning to see at the time of the post-war era was many kinds of misinterpreted, convoluted, half-truths of what was occurring in the high military and government ranks.  The media and entertainment of the time were much more modest of what the military industrial complex had in store.  Once Hollywood and the publishing companies got word of these wild and oftentimes construed tales of exotic technology and hover craft, imaginations ran wild.

(Covers of 1950’s Tech “Insiders” Magazines)

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popular mechanics 6

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popular mechanics 1


Things of extremely “innocent” nature like comic books and cartoons began to prepare and reveal to the viewers sub-conscious, the secret world that cloisters deep underground in the highest clearance military bunkers.  T.V. shows, books, magazines, and everything that you could market to children incorporated some cheesy, playful and creative twist of what the future of space-faring technology would look like. Of course, much of the content was rigmarole and only a small piece of the well kept secret was delivered in-tact to certain parties of interest.

Robots and fully conscious machines were an extremely popular subject in movies and comic book culture during this surge of science “fiction” (in some cases, science fact).  A.I. and the self conscious machine did not end those fantastic drawings and prophetic scripts.  We now have seen technology catapult and evolve faster than any life form in our known universe.  Within a matter of a decades we have witnessed processing power transform from virtually nothing into terabytes(1000 gigabytes) of information in a lightening flash. Fiber optic cables and the like all in less than a span of a century.  Now to put it into a little more of a broad perspective, no known living species has ever “evolved” organically in the equivalent of a nanosecond of time (1917-2017) here on Earth quite like the technology “creature” has. I will also note that we witness an unimaginable influx of technological advancement directly proceeding the most sinister world power to “ever exist” (NAZI), rise to prominence, and suddenly suffocate from the Allied defeat. Also do not over-shadow the discriminatory backseat, that the miraculous and most mind-boggling force in our conceptual reality: DNA has assumed with the proliferation of this “new” phenomena of motherboards, binary code and circuits. The wool has been and will continue to be pulled over your eyes if you do not get smart my beloved humans :).

Artificial intelligence is not only mysterious to you and me, but also the programmers that are bolstering A.I. in the everyday work environment.  “Software writing software” Jen-Hsun Huang (net worth upwards of $5.2 billion) co-founder of graphic-processor company Nvidia says in a TIME interview.  “A.I. teach themselves.” No human has programmed a computer to perform any function of self-piloting vehicles, image recognition, and diagnostic computations that are actively being tested today. And to go one step further, “no human could program” the advanced neural networks that we see with today’s level of software applications. “Programmers have rather fed the computer a learning algorithm, exposed it to terabytes of data (hundreds of thousands of images or years’ worth of speech samples) to train it, and have then allowed the computer to figure out for itself how to recognize the desired objects words or sentences.”

“A game might seem like an artificial setting.  But Dennis Hassabis, Deepmind’s CEO thinks the same techniques can be applied to real world problems.”

“A.I is used as a probable future type of data processing.”

Singularity-“Moment when super intelligent machines start improving themselves without human involvement, triggering a runaway cycle that leaves lowly humans ever further in the dust.”

Corporations will completely obliterate any and all small business that cannot match their technological capability.


A.I. is not new at all. And it would be extremely arrogant and debased for anyone to say otherwise.  We see mechanical beings that appear in Greek myths, such as Pymalion’s Galatea and the golden robots of Hesphaestus. Pamela McCorduck, a scholar specializing in the history of A.I. describes A.I. beginning as “an ancient will to forge the gods”. The century old monster myth of the Golem that inspired so many new fantasy and pop culture creations, conveyed the concept of imbuing mind with matter through the means of a enigmatic alchemical process. Coincidentally, in October of this year (2017), we have the first “EVER”(yeah right) Robot citizen on planet Earth.  Sophia of Saudi Arabia was declared and granted human rights in the same year that Saudi Arabia passes a law that enables women to drive a vehicle. WHAT!? One aspect you have a country where humanitarian efforts are decades behind the rest of the world.  And on the other hand you have THE SAME country introduce a WOMAN robot into their chauvinistic society. Something doesn’t add up here! I will let you decide folks. Now this question is a hypothetical but, what do you think the highest ethical and moral humanitarian purpose of creating an A.I. citizen would be? I mean Saudi Arabia is the leading example of progressive human rights in the world right? (What a joke!, can someone spell A G E N D A?) Let me give you a hint.(now this is where i get a little dogmatic)  What follows after a robot becomes  a “citizen”? My mind assumes that somewhere, someone IS designing a robot that is capable of performing sexual acts. First comes love, then comes marriage. Marriage and divine union between two sentient beings (sex) is a sacred act, and to de-humanize that human power and creativity, is NOT HUMAN! For a human being to have sex with a machine is ultimately something that I believe will shift our morality, humanity, and evolution into a frenzy of in-humane experimental science and perverse acts of service to self. Machines are built by sentient beings. They do not carry that mysterious presence of a soul. Every creature may have a soul, I do not know. However when we begin to share our essence with something that does not have a “spirit” of “mystery”, or “divine spark” of EMOTIONS, then we begin to grant permission to an intelligence that we do not fully understand. And ultimately we forfeit our consciousness to some intelligence that is NOT us and that does not share DNA with us! Instead of working with our innate intelligence and honing our born gifts (emotions/psychic ability) to align ourselves with a miraculous possibility, we are participating in schizophrenic and self-righteous behavior. To create something outside of ourselves (and side stepping personal work altogether) with the purpose of accomplishing a “better” or “more efficient” outcome we are extinguishing what Earth has provided for us for billions of years. Which is the natural ability to create and change ourselves through mind-power coupled with our body. DNA is the answer to how we can truly unlock the human potential. Every moment that humans hand over to a computational intelligence that is formulated to do the things that humans cant do themselves, we are relinquishing our sovereignty as conscious 3 dimensional beings.


The next step big step for the A.I./trans-humanism agenda will be the social rights of these creations. Passing laws to progress the clout and power of these control mechanisms will be the next big leap for A.I. to attain the same freedom of a human being.  The ensuing social confusion and all-out cognitive dissonance will put the mass majority of the population on the map for complete authoritarian global control. It will  be unlike any of the modern sci-fi movies of the 21st century.  The juggernaut of private industry and military will have such an upper hand on the major demographics that the laws will be passed and the production will commence without a moments notice. The media will praise the A.I. and their prophetic creators and it will be a widely accepted among the force fed mind locked population. Proceeding this great downfall of humanity will ensure a great split in our society (making it easier to control us) much akin to science progressive vs. spiritually aligned belief systems. As if science and religion isn’t already a catalyst of extreme violence and dangerous behavior. A.I. is not here to help us become more human and connected with ourselves and our home planet. A.I. is here to become our handlers. Humans are unpredictable and have grown to a pinnacle of population rate. Humans cannot follow the rules (laws) and play within the carefully thought out belief systems and religions, so they must obey an intelligence of much higher order!



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