We are here to see your reality unravel into a life of new horizons. The choices you make coupled with the intention, is what creates your day-to-day experience. We would like to add that what you are capable of, is not well depicted in your history books. Those stories are ones of struggle, war, impoverishment, and suffering.  These stories do not serve you in the age of empowerment.  We can assure you that love has no bounds and that anything that you can conceive of is real.  What you direct your consciousness to, will ultimately take form in this life or another.  This is not something to disregard.  Your true potential and well being of a profoundly abundant and supernatural life can be attained in a matter of seconds.  It is as simple as flipping a switch.  That switch is within your own consciousness and can be accessed at any moment.  What you encounter in life are the exact conflicts that will posture you for a conscious moment of divine self-awareness.  It is paramount for the use of critical thought and conscious awareness in the transmutation of a present moment into a probable future.  It is we who love and cherish our nature and the beauty that is imbued into each and every cell of our divine creator. When you align with this fortune of knowing, you are then capable of things that are outside the current understanding of your reality. For when a consciousness can interface with itself it may create infinite amounts of inconceivable realities.  It is the difference of the focus of a laser beam and a camp fire. When you align with an intention and a purpose, that not only serves you but everyone involved, you may have the capability to alter the fabric of space and time.


What you don’t know about your experience and your “shadow” will end up consuming the light of awareness to the extent of limiting your possibilities.  A focused beam of light can maneuver it’s direction in any shadow of darkness. Penetrating the most abysmal lack of light.  When you relinquish your consciousness you misdirect your awareness from a bright concentrated beam into a flickering, insubstantial amount of light.  The intention of the person who can “flip the switch” and make a choice will see itself through.  Selfish and ignorant intent will hinder your creativity and optimal function of this extraordinary gift.  We see that you love to indulge and intake Earthly pleasures that so enriches your life.  It is important to feel a sense of nourishment from everything that you partake in. To be consuming something and then not eliminating it (by a healthy system of assimilation into your beingness) can predispose you to limitation and energy blocks.  It is the power of the will that can bring balance and clarity to a problem that has no foreseeable solution. The will is to be exercised with patience. We understand there are desires and magnetic pull towards things that may seem “perverse”, “taboo”, or “immature”. Encountering those subjects with a genuine curiosity and an embrace of wonderment will transform your perception, into the pivotal springboard that propels you into high quality of learning and growing.  To encapsulate pure curiosity in your experience.

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