The Next Step of Evolution

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In the moment of our convergence, we are transmuted into beings of light. What many people may have noticed is a astronomical increase in humans of all backgrounds, race, creed, and cultures becoming subjects of a constant state of “ungroundedness”.  People are stressed out, overworked, over-stimulated (mentally), undernourished and can not focus on accomplishing a creative task or stabilize their thoughts in an engaging activity to make their ‘dream’ into reality.  Creativity gets ransacked, and mental, emotional and physical health no longer become areas of interest or importance. The divine body that represents the woman, nurturing, life-giving, and creative process is neglected and mis-treated.

It is alike a moth to a flame, one by one.  The television and smartphone screens draw you into a complex cave of the mind, a cave that you will not be equipped to get yourself out of if you do not prepare and recognize your collective reality. This tactic of control and manipulation is one of dire consequences and part and parcel of very drastic measures that have been taken to maintain a handle on the surface population. The current activity and ambition of our largest corporations and industries are to insure that our young are dependent on these autonomic devices at an incrementally younger age.  What people seem to forget when under the influence of these technological conveniences is that they themselves as human beings have dreams and ambitions.  Modern technology is wiping your conscious awareness and re-wiring it for an insatiable appetite for impulse stimuli, information, and logical prognosis to feed the intellect.  As opposed to identifying with the intrinsic intelligence of the body which we call “intuition”.

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The element of the mind has a fiery and ethereal quality to it, and is masculine in nature.  It is quick and transformative,  yet absent of the elements that fuel and harmonize the gifts of the reaching winds and fervent flames. It is the elements of the mother, the feminine: earth and water, that bring a mixture of gravity, accountability, and regeneration into an effective dynamic for all the elements that are in constant flux to express themselves sufficiently. As we utilize the gifts that computing and A.I. give us, we are calling on the the masculine and danger that this civilization is susceptible to, we very well may transgress the gifts that our own body and restorative mother earth, hold reliably for us within our seemingly magical cells and DNA.

With the onslaught of information that our brain is being fed, our human body will crash like a harddrive when your divine biological ‘technology’ has been neglected and misused to accommodate the pace of the ‘nano’ and the ‘micro’. The intelligence of a single cell in your body is infinity more intelligent than the logical mind which has a extremely limited threshold for retaining and processing information, comparatively speaking.  Nature has designed the mind this way to consummate a creative solution that will eventually unite the separation of consciousness between our body and mind into a organism that can function with miraculous accuracy, using the heart-brain-body connection.

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What we are seeing now is a generation of young humans, more young than old, becoming so entrenched in the idea that technology is the final and absolute solution to all of humanities sorrows and limitations.  There will be no imagination left for a human to dream up a unique and sustainable solution, if the light up screens cannot be shut off and put down for an hour or two each day with the purpose to cultivate the wondrous garden of the mind.  What we recommend for each and everybody is to take time each day to intentionally create possibilities in real time with others, or to stretch the imagination in solitude. Just as you may exercise a muscle and target muscle groups, you must do the same with your own thoughts and ideas for the sake of your future.  What you are forfeiting with each hour on the video screen, you cannot tangibly use to improve your life, or the lives of any other human being.  Consciousness leaves the awareness of the body and is projected into a virtual reality that has no real significance in your life!  Humans are so enveloped in these picture screens that the awareness that is rampant in your own cells is so neglected that you have no time to actually rest and heal your body intentionally.

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To be grounded is to be in the body.  When you are not grounded into your being you do not make good decisions because you are thinking about so many things at once, at any given time, that you are essentially incapacitating your creative thought processes and unable to implement any practical ideas in your life.  A whirlwind of thoughts, feelings, and emotions sends you into a state of erratic chaos and instability rendering you a psychological mess.  Stress induced panic attacks, anxiety, substance abuse, depression, hopelessness, and general uneducated beliefs systems prevail your consciousness at any given moment of the day.  Impulsive behavior strings you along from one catastrophe to another in your day to day life.  Coming home to a quiet living space sends you into a frantic state of paranoia about how you will possibly stimulate your over-worked mind and under nourished body.  Escape is the only answer for many.  Escape from themselves into destructive compulsive actions and relationships. Repetitious cycles day after day because humans are just absolutely frightened about everything that could happen TO THEM instead of using their awareness to manifest what THEY INTEND into reality. We would rather keep playing with our meager toys and substances because that is easy. That is what is expected and GIVEN to us contrary to what we can CREATE and MAKE for ourselves.  The familiar emotions that these neurotransmitter inducing devices satisfy is reliable and “picks one up when one is feeling down” about their life.  A continuous escape from the possibility to ACTUATE a productive change and improve the quality of your life as well as others.

Do you know human, that you have the ability to project your thoughts like a radio signal? Do you know that you are telepathic? That you can send and receive ideas and thoughts through intention?  Do you know that you’ve been lied to?  Do you know that you are a receiver of thought communication?  Are you aware that not all thoughts you have are yours? What will you do to protect yourself from thoughts of others? How will you create your boundaries? Do you have an idea? An intuition?

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These are questions you need to have an answer to now.  I do not say this to invoke fear or prejudice.  This is the next step of your inter-dimensional evolution. The tools for extrasensory protection and sentient abilities are necessary for our survival on this planet as a species.   You are under an operation of warfare and manipulation that is so vast, you may at first want to give up and crawl into a little ball. Life is but a dream and it is our SOUL responsibility to wake up in that dream to help create a spectacle that is conducive to all lifeforms, on and off this planet.  Your next step human, is to become a spell-caster.  To create as you speak!  ABRACADABRA! Your thoughts BECOME.  What you do BECOMES.  This is the ideal of the adept. There is no time to deliberate human.  You are being rounded up and targeted in energetic “concentration camps” and are manipulated by unseen forces.  The imagination is your creating tool.  It is the harnessing of power into the 4th Dimension. ( The higher density you climb the more light/proton particle is present.  4th, 5th and 6th density are NOT more dense with matter and physical space/illusion.  They are each a methodical increase in light therefore-transparency.  It is increasingly more difficult to withhold the shadow of your intentions and thoughts within your mind in the higher densities. The light particles in your energy field (spacial and thoughtform aura) are increased, henceforth your physical makeup. The opportunity and the eventual outcome of communication and transfer of information will be made apparent to all and will be instantaneous.

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Humanity has faced this for many many hundreds of years.  You must now develop your new found abilities to adapt to the cosmic and planetary influence that you so significantly are affected by.  It is the next step in your evolutionary timeline to perfect this because if you do not, it will be the end of the human race as you know it.  The human race has been infiltrated and dominated to a large extent and somehow humans have managed to for the most part, stay alive and connected.  With the planetary energetic shifts commencing as far back as the industrial revolution, the new human has become endowed with a keen ability to fortify and protect themselves from psychological and soul enslavement.  Technology is not the tool to prop your fragile bones/structure on.  There are many great challenges and obstacles that will shake the core of human existence if the body is sacrificed for the merging of robotic humans and artificial intelligence.  The velocity and invasive direction that modern technology is taking humanity WILL devastate the planet, the population and countless species across the Universe.  If the will and the power of the imagination is snuffed out, the human-mind/body/spirit complex is overcome by the hurricane of simultaneous artificial biology and extraterrestrial intelligence.

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The Female human is a divine creature that harbors a inter dimensional portal.  This portal is revered by many advanced beings through the cosmos. They perceive this star-gate as a unique and special bridge between dimensions and species.  Some of the races that are predominantly settled have a great deal invested in Earth and it’s populace.  The means to procreate and expand the surface population is abated and limited to the feminine body. These same races that have been working close alongside humans for many thousands of years have a tremendous incentive to dominate the birthing process and have full control over it.  That would entail the feminine reproductive organs.  The weapon of choice is artificial insemination.  Once humans permit the use of this erroneous technology to populate the planet, the male human will be completely secondary to the advanced beings.  By consenting to the artificial reproduction of the human race, the E.T.s will have full reign of who is and isn’t allowed to reproduce on planet Earth by simultaneously advancing the depopulation and infertility agendas that are alive and well in this current time They will effectively control the portal of other dimensions of existence and ultimately control the species.  A.I. is part of a much larger scale operation with many non-human intelligence behind it.  This cannot be understated.

I leave you with this.  We live on a free will planet and you are capable of creating anything you can think of.  By the laws of nature, living on a free will planet allows other beings, intelligence’s, entities, etc. it to usurp your free will and consciousness to their own discretion.  This is why it is imperative for humans to recognize the potential and align with our motives, know our weaknesses, our patterns, our impulses and true intentions. Peace be with you and may love prevail!


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