For the skeptics…

My intention with sharing these photos is to bring awareness to the function(s) of the body that engages with multidimensional (subtle) energies. These pictures were taken shortly after I got home from hosting a group channeling session (2/27/18). With the culmination of time that I spent in post-channel group discussion, and going to the store to pick up some dinner, I returned home and began to remove my clothing to change into more comfortable cloths, stumbling upon this anomaly in the mirror.


I somehow sustained this physical symptom well after my channeling event. This particular area of the body and the Activation of the Crystalline Structure within the thyroid is explained in Christine Day’s book Pleiadian Principals for Living.

sternal notch

The activation of the various crystalline structures in the body (Spine, Heart, Thyroid, Brain) are emphasized as “opening fourth/fifth dimensional electrical energies that support the expansion of a natural energetic flow on the planet and the cells of your body.” This position of the suprasternal notch (see image above) is referred to by Christine Day as the Divine Access Point or D.A.P.  “This is the area of the body in which the light of the Self can most readily enter the body….This is the soft area at the base of the throat just above the sternum…”

This particular area of the body is essential in unlocking your own telepathic abilities along with the spine, heart, brain. There are techniques found within Pleiadian Principals For Living that will help you activate and interface these significant functions.

The reason that I share this with you is that I want people to start opening their minds to the possibility of their own consciousness and the power of it’s directed attention. I provide references and corroborating evidence that may potentially help you along your spiritual evolution if you so choose.

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