The Philosophy of The Soul

“As human individuality became more ego-centric, star knowledge shifted from awareness of the larger forces at work in the world and the guidance of humanity, to a more personal focus on the individual destiny (astrology).

The great paradox is that the loss of the direct spiritual perception of the gods (stars and planets) was necessary in evolution so that human beings could fulfill their great task in world evolution.

The task is that we become the beings of freedom and of love that is born out of that freedom.

This means that the experience of separation from the divine, unique to humanity among all beings, has the possibility, not the predetermination, to establish something new in the cosmos. A rank of beings who freely choose to participate with the divine plan out of a love born from that freedom.

Humanity must traverse a long evolutionary path that descends into isolation and separation from the world of the spirit and then must  meet challenges and hurdles to find their own way back, in freedom, to a relationship with the gods (hierarchy of spiritual beings of stars, planets, the entirety of consciousness).

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