The Humanity of Sex

feminine 10What is the most secretive, mysterious, and controversial thing in our culture? SEX. Shared moments of surrender and loving ecstasy are an ongoing source of inspiration. So why are we so sexually dysfunctional as a culture? We have people at the top of our hierarchy and political structure that don’t show one ounce of their own illogical sexuality.  The people who are creating laws for us and upholding the standards of our very society are not even in touch with a very enigmatic and important part of themselves. These very people do not consider this enigmatic portion of themselves important enough to express with the very people that their decisions directly affect. They are hiding a portion of themselves, and so are we. In this writing we will get into one of the core issues that we have with expressing ourselves fully and authentically so that we may also in-turn accept others with expressing themselves in the very same way. It takes one to know one.  Sexual attraction and the magnetism of another human being cannot necessarily be explained scientifically other than the mechanics of what the BRAIN neurons are firing in response to internal stimulus from the perceived senses of the body. This implies that we are not part of the process of own body and the FEELINGS of sexual stimulation. The brain is perceived as the power center of the manifestation of our physical form. In reality, the heart is the power center and the brain is the control center. One intelligence mainframe that is out of sync with the other can have devastating effects on the body that houses these two profoundly intelligent organs. Becoming out of alignment and out of sync with the body, mind (brain) and soul (heart) is much like misfiring on the engine of the car. The performance of the vehicle, in our case, the body is drastically stifled from optimal operating potentials. This can only go on for so long until the vehicle simply collapses and fails to function as a vessel for our willpower and awareness.  So how can we get back into alignment and synchronization with the soul, which encompasses all at once the head, the heart, and the body?


In the west, the general consensus of science and the study of understanding our reality is: ”if it cannot be measured, then we cannot prove that it exists.”

Sexuality is the single most misunderstood aspect of ourselves and yet it is the essential piece to keep our species evolving into new realms of possibility. It is my prerogative to link sexuality: “the ominous threat to our civilized way of life (modern society)”, with our own spirituality. What keeps us locked away and frightened to talk about this fundamental part of being human? Could it be said that sex is actually the most human thing that we can experience? Is there any species that has the same relationship to sex as we do? Not quite. Does any other species judge and criticize the act of sex more than we do? Does any other living animal feel ashamed about sex as we do in our culture? I am going to explore this mentality of shaming each other on the pretense that we are “too sexual” and that we as a society cannot be a decent, thriving and sustain healthy cultural practices by being verbally explicit and open about our own needs and our own values.


Over the course of 4 years I have studied some of the most iconic and radical spiritual texts known to man about the nature of the spirit and the origins of humankind. I have read a broad spectrum of psychology works that stemmed from the technical prowess of psychoanalysis with the focus of research on determining what is WRONG with the patient. As well as studying the new movement of “positive psychology” works that has directed the nature of the psyche into a realm of a holistic approach that is conducive to the environment of self-care and self-empowerment through healing. With the consideration of the “new science” of quantum mechanics, there is now academic support that our universe is a feedback loop of our consciousness- the vibrational frequency of our own thoughts. I have deduced the most fundamental principles of our entire civilization are reliant on this one basic human need. Sex.

The very act of sex requires one to be the utmost vulnerable and trusting with the other. The very act of violence is to be defensive, to protect yourself out of fear of no longer existing. Do we as humans truly trust in our own nature to live in loving communion with the external, outside world, be in plant, human, or animal? Or do we generally keep quitely to ourselves and repress our deepest, most illogical, unconcious and mysterious desires of excitement? What keeps us living with a meaningful and substantial purpose in life? Whether the desire to continue living your wildest dreams are to simply procreate for the future of the human species or whether your deepest desires are to create an invention or uncover a hidden aspect of ourselves to take the human species into a quantum leap of evolution, these deep ceded desires go beyond our most sophisticated and rational skills of understanding “WHY?” we are driven and motivated to do what we do.

Which brings me to the question: is our most mysterious desires about our existence as human beings on Earth lie somewhere beyond the cognitive faculties and the problem solving skills of the brain and prefrontal cortex?  Is the most obscure and misunderstood aspects of ourselves reside in the spiritual world that is beyond the physical realms, or are those mysteries latent within the reality of the 5 senses? Does sex actually represent a complex part of humans that establishes a union, going beyond the physical manifestation of our 3 dimensional bodies? Is our deep sexual desires somehow linked with the extricable yearning of our soul and our individual purpose here on Earth? Why are both the soul/spiritual nature as well as our genitalia/ sexual nature shamed and cloaked from the “sophistication” of our society? Does sexuality and spirituality have something in common???


Sex has less to do with the physical body, and much more to do with the emotional body (astral)  in the perspective of our own to evolution as co-creators of reality. People may understand that we have sexual energy and impulse, but might not fully grasp how to be responsible with it. When in our life are we taught how to be responsible with sex? It sure isn’t the awkward and impersonal “sex-ed” class we are mandated to take in middle school. Perhaps we can look to religion as an introduction to our sexual etiquette as well as our mentality in relationships that we have a sexual component in. Most abrahamic religions have a conservative and restraining methodology to our sexual nature. The western creation story of Adam and Eve is one in particular that elicits curiosity and further examination. When we consider that the majority of religious teachings that are taught to the population of the world are abrahamic, one may begin to understand why these religions all share common themes with each other.


The creation story of Adam and Eve begins with man essentially “seeding” woman by sacrificing a piece of himself for the creation of Eve. Let us first ponder this. In the very beginning of this tale, man and woman are not depicted as living united with each other and that they are separate from the source of all creation, subjected to answering to God/the creator laws and not in communion with this energy of infinity. That is the first red flag. Man came first and was a direct descendant of God, and Woman was a ancillary creation that was created on behalf of the masculine. This starts our story off at an uneven keel. Man is subliminally superior to women, and is a direct descendant of God, who represents truth, divinity, righteousness, and power. Creating further separation in the already dualistic quality of human gender and function.  


Adam and Eve inhabit a heavenly world named the “Garden of Eden” where all of their needs and desires are met and they live in harmony with all creatures. God warns them to refrain from eating from the Tree of Eden and if they do, they will be cast out of this heavenly world. The next major event, is when Eve takes from the apple tree the fruit that God (who is also a masculine figure) forbid humans to eat. In this segment of the story we have Eve succumbing to here latent desire to eat the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Eden. This action was a behavior that disobeyed the supreme God who represents truth, nobility, and justice, and was a direct violation of God’s will. This portrayal of woman is loaded with subliminal messages about humanity’s relationship with femininity. With the postulated dynamics of Eve’s relationship to God and Adam, she is somehow branded to be a creature liable to challenge the laws of nature that God himself has erected. This kind of depiction of women is an extremely deep ceded idea that woman will disobey the boundaries and limitations of our reality, and fundamentally are motivated by something completely different than the masculine directive to “live in Eden” and conform to the laws that the almighty God has “so divinely constructed to harbor eternal paradise and incessant pleasure.”  This of course is a completely delusional abstract from the teachings of the ancient text and it is now time to really interpret the implications this story has had on the unconscious mind.


Both Adam and Eve were cast out of heaven for something woman did wrong. What heaven represents in this picture is the realm of spirit and where we are unified and are complete energy, and are not separated in duality by gender. We humans were cast out of this “Eternal Eden” and sent into the limitations and challenges of the three dimensional realm, as punishment for the misgivings that the feminine aspect of humanity has “forced” us to embrace as humans walking the Earth. This famous scene points out many ulterior messages. First we have woman act out impulsively on her irrational desire. Desire itself is so misunderstood by science and society today, that we reduce our compulsive behaviors to chemical reactions and neurological synapses firing in the brain. Implying that intelligence resides within the brain. Failing to acknowledge the innate intelligence within the DNA, chromosomes, and cells of our body. Another perspective in describing Eve’s role in the epic tale is that woman is the cause of seperation from man and his connection to God. The unconscious response that man has to the physical form of the female, is what causes his descent from pure bliss and “unification of God” into the thralls of his own deep illogical desire to merge with the other.  The one thing that men cannot resist from having a physical and emotional reaction to is our sexual attraction to the another. For this reason man has subconsciously punished woman for having such a powerful influence on him even though he can not make logical sense of his desire no matter how much he analyzes and thinks about it. Woman fundamentally represents sexuality and beauty. We as modern day humans do not quite understand what this latent magnetic desire of sex is supposed to do other than procreate. This riddle and paradox of life and the continuum of it is what makes man fluster, fight, and ultimately forsake his own sexuality and his sexual/feminine nature. This feminine/female force of sex and emotional joy and ecstasy is our next step towards evolution. We have tinkered and engineered our civilization almost into destruction and it is now time to balance the energies of the masculine and feminine so that they can meet and unify into something beyond their own identity as a man or woman. It is now time to unify the split of our consciousness through agreement, consensus, and integrity with the deep yearning of all humans on Earth. And that yearning is to be emotionally stable and comfortable within our own abilities as human beings in the present moment. No matter what impulse drives us to a reaction that we cannot logically conceptualize.


As punishment for disobeying the commands of God, God said unto woman “I will greatly multiply your suffering and your pain. In pain you shall give birth to children.” We see here that the fruits of sexual intercourse is punishment for the woman. The curse of sexuality subsequently the female principal, is administered into the story and is perhaps subtly perceived as a “sin”, implying guilt and shame around the most basic need to keep our species alive. This ideology of sexual repression and guilt around our own passion energy is actually cutting us off from our own connection to not only create beautiful children with loving partners, but also relinquishing our own ability to create the world that we so strongly desire to bring-forth, from deep within our own psyches. The poison of humiliation and confusion circulating in our everyday lives is preventing us from harnessing the sheer and inconclusive power of creating our own reality as we see fit. Therefore the creation story and it’s elusive programming is obstructing us from reinventing ourselves and conceiving new forms of life that cannot be understood from our past and present generations. Perhaps the very temptation that sexuality lends to man may seem like a betrayal from god. Feeling an incomprehensible desire that he himself does not understand, therefore abstaining from any and all ardent desires within himself because he cannot justify his absurd appetite while possessing no logical basis as something for his own good. As this contempt of his own lust accumulates, fear settles in that he actually may not fully be in control of his world, his reality and his own body. And thus, he scorns woman for the uncontrollable yearning that he feels for her and consequently tainting his own mother, his own lover, his own daughter, his own past, his own present, and his own future as a divine co creator of his realm.


This compartmentalization and further separation of man and woman has given rise to conflicts and social stigmas that have prevailed throughout hundreds of generations. We have seen men and women alike who have been brutalized, betrayed and murdered because of base emotions such as anger, shame, and fear. It is my belief that unnecessary suffering can end now. We must align ourselves with our own unconscious aspirations and use our intentional, logical mind to go about accomplishing and exploring our highest excitement whether it be sexual in nature or not. By using the emotive energy to sustain our passion for our creations and our imaginations, we will be able to use our already overworked minds to analyze the information that we are receiving from our own consciousness and our own bodies, to formulate the next direction we need to take so that we can see our creation flourish out in the world. Sex and our attunement with it is an important next step for humanity to flourish in a world of peace, unity, and sustainability with the planet and each other.  A reemergence of emotional connection with humans will springboard another fascination and playground for sex to enliven the human spirit once again.

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