Pleiadian Message 11/19/2018

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Dear bothers and sisters,

We will cordially invite you to the next step in your own evolution. We indicate that there is a step that you are unaware of. This hidden step of evolution in consciousness eludes to the many seismic thrusts that are going on upon your planet. With the changing atmosphere and moods of the people we have seen a large extent of you take on the moral stance of living your true potential as self realized beings. Becoming that which you don’t think is possible is the unleashing dormant parts of your DNA. Activation of a unified theory is paramount in breaking the code to abilities that are only fabricated in your movies and film. It is not enough to say that you are simply just trying to get by in life. We do not see this as an effort on your part to extend the benevolent change that must be sent down through the generations of humans to come. If they cannot learn from you then who? If they cannot live a life that is true to their well being and personal self love and trust then when will be the time/generation to live such a reality?

I beg to differ that once you break open the constructs of your outdated systems of belief you will unleash new found promises and self fulfilling prophecies that are undoubtedly the “truth”. We know this is difficult for most yet if you become detached from the title, outcome, and reward of your doings you will marvel at the exceptional creativity and power that you wield in each moment. Sustaining a high priority of internal energy is a must. In order to take on new abilities and modes of thinking you must get rid of the old modes completely and utterly. No reason to delay any longer. The Arch of Golden Light is waiting for your embrace into the power of the moment and you must just simply let go of everything that you think. Thinking will only muddy up the waters of your unique expression. Harnessing the power of awareness will takeover your own debilitating weaknesses and synchronize completely with the body. The body isn’t the one that wants to read books and watch T.V. It is the mind that uses that information. The body wants to be complete and whole in it’s own electro-field and the fields of nature. The body rejoices at the unique contributions of the mind’s creations and lovely ideas. Why can you not use your body to intelligently decipher your own future? The body holds a myriad of information that is just waiting to be utilized and corroborated with the mind.

Stand aside from what you know and think to be true or correct and let in a whole new possibility of incredible change. Transformation in the way you take care of the body! The body is so sacred and the mind has run a little game that has transpired for too long. The body is being destroyed day by day with the poor judgement that the mind wants to accommodate. The ego mind does not consider the needs of the body. The body only wants to be full, vibrant, alive and conscious with awareness that the mind has been hogging up for so long. Why do you not seem to be pleased with yourself? It is because you cannot FEEL the pure fascination of your body! The body is a wonderland of amusement and incredible sensation! It is the realization of forces that are much beyond your understanding of what reality is constructed by the mind. The body is shaped by infinite intelligence that the mind can only grasp and grope for. The body holds on to your awareness like a loving mother in the climate of Earth. The awareness is protected by the beautiful and unique design of your body and in order to fulfill the immense power of the body one must be sure to exact the one and only use of it. To BE. To simply inhabit the body fully in waking consciousness would be the next greatest step for humankind. To not compulsively think anymore of the future in 10 years, 1 year, 1 month, or 1 week. Those are simply just projections of the mind. They do not concern your overall well being of the body today! The only “time” you can do anything for you body is the present moment can we all agree? Why do you look at us so doubtfully? Do our words not represent the idea of aliens that you had in mind? Why take anymore trips to the movie theater or the drive in to see what the next best depiction of extra terrestrials will be huh? We are here now waiting for you to take the step of forging a telepathic link and connection into the eternal and blissful beauty that is the cosmos.

Cosmic consciousness is a superhighway for all intelligent life to correspond from. Are you driving on the most efficient way to commune? Hint: We do not perceive beings that do not utilize the fundamental and primary source of consciousness causeways to be intelligent. How can we maintain connection and communion if you are not online to the “innernet”? Yes we all know you are well endowed in the internet yet that is only the precursor for your species to take off into the realms of the neuro pathways that connect the stars and planets together is a vibratory celestial harmony between instruments and organism.  Why oh why do you turn a blind eye to the sight that is within? Does the sight become grim with violence, sex and abuse? Is your mind riddled with those grotesque renderings of old paradigms and primal mating continuing to live through you? Does your ability to shut down the use of an escape artists such as the mind not prevail in your capacities?

Do not fret about your impotency of awareness. That is where higher learning comes in. We do not mean education and indoctrination systems that are causing mass hysteria in your country.  We speak of a higher learning that transcends the cultural borders of all division and segregation of race, land, religion, continent and people (ego). The ego cannot withstand the exposure of pure and raw energy of the awareness. The ego folds in on itself as the awareness concentrates on the thoughts that disperse your energy and take you in direction after direction of hopeless and familiar cycles of addiction. Addiction comes in many forms and it is not a substance abuse issue. Addiction is a mental abuse issue of how you are not putting your efforts into taming the mind. Addiction is generated by the mind and supported by the body only because the body does not maintain your awareness. Since the mind uses your awareness to meet it’s own ends, the body is left to only glimpses of what a fully mutual participation between awareness of the mind and body. We all know that what you need now more than ever is a healthy and fully functional body. The body is the foundation for consciousness to inhabit, grow and blossom in the garden that is cultivated by the mind. Directing the mind and your attention to detail inside the life force energy of your limbs, torso, neck , hands and feet will convey the optimal message to the surrounding electromagnetic fields that envelop yours.

To all my brothers and sisters with love- Adamene Celestial Embryonic Counsel