Astrology Has Changed My Life

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Who are we? Where have we been? Where are we going? Astrology has been used to answer these 3 fundamental questions of human nature and consciousness as we know it. The faculties of these 3 basic questions are rooted in past, present, and future tense. When we are looking at an astrological chart we are actually perceiving a segment and “imprint” in time. This visual rendering of the hands of the solar clock that we associate with the planets in specific sectors in the backdrop of the cosmos, is inherently communicating a physical manifestation of the quality of resonant energy at that specific moment. In ancient times, humans used the rotation of the planets as “markers” for particular events that would coincide with the cyclic movement of the “wandering stars” that we now know as planets. The ancient Egyptians looked specifically to Sirius which is the brightest star in the night sky as a significant omen. After many decades of losing crops and establishments to the flood waters of the Nile river, Egyptians began to correlate the pattern of Sirius rising on the eastern horizon line with the monsoons and rainy season. It’s as if the movement of the Earth around distant stars in our galaxy were communicating direct messages and influence at predictable times of the year based on their alignments. The ancient Aztec calendar was fixed in approximately a 52 year cycle or “century” that resulted at a special alignment of the star Alcyone. The brightest star in the Pleiades star cluster. When this star would reach the 12 o’clock position in the night sky approximately every 52 years ancient Aztecs believed that is would bring them another great century without cataclysm.  Even in Eastern culture the Japanese word for the Pleiades star system is Subaru. Today that name serves as a symbol for a prominent car company known around the world. Is this connection on purpose or is it simply coincidence?

Astrology has served as a way to navigate the seas for ancient sailors, travelers, and tradesman. As a science of direction, Astrology and Astronomy were inseparable. Individuals who studied the movement of planets and the placement of the stars would use both simultaneously because there was meaning to extract from Earth’s location, in relation to the stars and planets in the night sky. As civilizations clashed and various cultures emerged through the centuries, the teachings and use of astrology expanded into new territory and applications. Today as a modern map to navigate the human psyche, astrology is used as a tool for human cycles in conjunction with cosmic celestial rhythms. All the while keeping in mind that the “map” that astrology illustrates is no substitute for the “territory” of human consciousness. The compilation of archetypes and themes into a not-so-conventional art form and science allows for the species of human to better understand our natural place in the world and our own solar neighborhood.

As Hellenistic teachings of (approximately 300 B.C.- 30 A.D) migrated throughout Asia and Europe and out of Babylonian culture, we began to see a proliferation in philosophy, arts, and sciences burst on the scene of ancient Greece and Rome. As Greeks and Romans adapted the foreign systems of astrology and mystical teachings, an ancient Greek philosopher (who were also regarded as scientists) by the name of Ptolemy developed the modern system of Western Astrology utilizing the tropical lines of constellations in relation to the vernal equinox of spring. These adaptations were the beginning of the separation of astronomy & astrology in the western world. Astronomy (Astron-nomos) literally translates from Greek into English as “Star Law” or “Star Culture”.  Astrology (astron- logos) translates from Greek to English into “star study” or “star speech”. As it is important to acknowledge and give credence to stars by endowing them with nomenclature, it is even more of a stretch of the human psyche and imagination to develop a type of language, relationship, and meaning to what these stars and planets are ultimately communicating to us through their photonic correspondence of light emission.  In the immersion of studying the “cosmic order”, “logic of the stars”, and “story of the sky”, we can better understand who we are, where we came from, and where we are going as individuals as well as a collective species.  The study of the sky challenges the imagination and the limits of our mental processes as we create new meaning in our lives through the interpretation of ancient symbolic language. We as individuals are the judge, jury, and executioners of what our life signifies and represents to us. The archaic wisdom of a majestic and vast existence that we know today as the universe will not be reduced by the logic and science of mechanical and traditionalist thinking. Science can tell us what physical reality consists of however it cannot tell us the purpose of our reality. We as human beings have that powerful responsibility to distill the intelligence of consciousness that permeates our reality. Are you letting the conclusions of half-witted scientists and academics that are reproducing old statistics and findings without conducting new experiments of their own tell you what your life as a human on Earth is supposed to signify?

Do you believe in astrology?

I’d be much obliged if you would entertain my story about a little boy who went to the catholic church every Sunday with his parents. One day in confessional he entered and spoke to the priest… “I don’t believe in god” he said. The priest quickly replied to the boy’s iconoclastic claim with “I don’t believe in god either.” The boy surprised by the priest’s response, curiously asked “How can that be? You are a priest that has committed his life to the divine devotion of the lord?”. The priest sensibly answered “I don’t believe in the god that you don’t believe in.”

I don’t believe in the astrology that you don’t believe in. I want to say to anyone who may diminish the ancient science and divination of Astrology that your own superficial newspaper and internet browser search of sun sign horoscopes does not quantify or qualify you to understand this sacred and essential art form.  Astrology has changed my life. My own learning and interpretation of astrology in my life has allowed me to take practical actions and produce tangible results that are in complete alignment with the principals and orientations of my birth chart. I was raised into a culture and society that told me to go to school, get good grades, get a good job, have a family, retire and die. Life rapidly became meaningless to me in my teenage years throughout middle school and high school.  I was riddled with the questions of “Who am I?” “What am I doing here?” “What is my purpose  “what are my gifts?” I asked and astrology answered. It can change the way we live.

Astrology is a study of metaphysics becoming physical. We on Earth are apart of a larger framework that we can only begin to imagine. It has been recorded throughout human history, as well as modern day science that the full moon has significant/physical effects on the tides of the ocean and on human behavior. The ER in metropolitan hospitals see an influx of patients around the full moon each month or the hospital see’s it’s most extreme cases of the month during this full moon period of about 5 or 6 days. It is also important to note that more babies are born around the time of the full moon. The moon’s gravitational field has a significant impact on the water of the planet. As humans constituted with more than 75% water, we are also subconsciously effected by the force of the moon and we see the results of that in our society. Buckminster Fuller once said “Ninety-nine percent of all that is going to affect our tomorrows is being developed by humans using instruments and working in ranges of reality that are non-humanly sensible.” We perceive the movements of the planets through a telescope.  The invention of the telescope eventually gives rise to the microscope. “Scope” meaning “to see”, “micro” meaning “small” gives us the ability to tap into infra waves and radiation below the visual spectrum. Modern advancements allows us to detect through radar devices ultraviolet waves of radiation above and beyond the visual spectrum.  These instruments and technological breakthroughs of modern science have still not managed to give us the keys to the sequestered doors that lie in the back of our consciousness, waiting to be opened. In the grudging motions of everyday laborious bemusement, we lose sight of our Independence, responsibility, and ultimately our power as human beings. Astrology stands firmly in it’s roots of human civilization and will remain deeply entrenched within our imagination and our seemingly boundless relationship to the stars.



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