Larger than Life

Quantum theory has changed everything. What we once have termed as a mechanical universe is now a cosmic web of intelligence. It is in this environment where Astrology makes sense. Astrology studies the light waves of the particles of mass emitted by the planets and stars in relation to Earth and human behavior. Astrology correlates both individual human psychology and consciousness as well as the collective’s species state of unconscious. Looking in depth at the horoscope we are able to see a kind of cosmic clock unseen in common hours. “Horo” meaning “hour”, and “scope” meaning “to see” in greek, gives us a glimpse into a dimension of time and human consciousness that is not perceivable by the bodily senses and cannot be reduced and the examination of technological instruments and devices.  However if we apply the scientific theory to the explanation of archetypal patterns of astrology and human thought and conduct, we can  repeatedly test and verifying our findings in accordance with the scientific method.  Using accepted protocols and observations of Astrology to measure and evaluate the results of the current state of consciousness of the human being we can better understand our current circumstances and how we have arrived here. Much like current scientific theories in place, Astrology has withstood rigorous generations of study and testing throughout it’s millennia lifespan. Just as the theories of science and of our understanding of the natural world is always evolving, so are the theories and protocols of Astrology.

In astrology we do not see time as linear. We see it as cycles. It is an ancient symbolic language and a healing art. These cycles can most appropriately be attributed to archetypal themes of human consciousness that we now understand to be the signs. The building blocks of physics on Earth can be correlated to the primordial elements that shape the phenomenal world.  The ancient mathmaticians and philosophers across the world established new theory and protocols for humans to better understand the nature of our reality. With the blossoming of Greek culture and theory as a product of a great migration from ancient Egypt and Babylon, profound revelations of computational theory rose from the prominent scholars of the booming Greek civilization.  One of the most iconic of them being Plato, his arithmetical theory spurred a revolution in human thought in the arts and sciences. Even to this day, the reverberation of a shift in consciousness that transpired over 2000 years ago echos in our modern understanding of the physical and metaphysical reality.  “Almost 2,000 years later the astronomer Johannes Kepler (1571–1630) resuscitated the idea of using the Platonic solids to explain the geometry of the universe in his first model of the cosmos. The symmetry, structural integrity, and beauty of these solids have inspired architects, artists, and artisans from ancient Egypt to the present.” Platonic Solids were developed by human consciousness to intellectually understand the natural forces of the world. The primary archetypal elements are as follows: Dodecahedron (Ether), Icosahedron (Water) Ochtohedron (Air), Cube (Earth), and Tetrahedron (Fire). These geometric symbols of esoteric and philosophical origins allows us to get a good footing on the sacred geometry and relationship of the planets in our birth chart. Astrology is geometry of the abstract form of physics applied to the phenomenal and causal world of mind.

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How much do we actually know about vibration? Modern science has devised an understanding through reductionist logic and quantitative studies resulting in the destruction of organisms in order to extract data of what it’s given chemical composition. The various devices and technologies that are designed to explicitly identify energy and vibration going on outside of us only examines how external phenomena interact with each other. What about how vibration effects us internally? We’ve studied the reaction of cellular structures inside the body and how various illnesses and diseases manifest in the physical body, yet we have not deciphered where or how external energy and circumstances effects the “intangible” part of the human experience or ultimately how energy and vibrations shape human consciousness.  This is partly because science has succeeded in reducing life to a cellular and atomic mechanical perspective of stimulus-response exchange in energy. Negating and blatantly disregarding the anomaly of human consciousness and it’s own effects on cellular and atomic structures. The vital component of consciousness that science does not utilize in it’s equations and calculations is the missing ingredient to our evolution towards a greater civilization and species.

The effects that geometry and governing forces has on human consciousness is indicative of how the implicit consciousness of humans shape and molds the external environment as well as the internal one. Form and it’s representative function use overarching archetypal themes that are fundamentally effecting how consciousness perceives and is “witnessed” in the behavior of man as well as nature. This call and response mechanism that Issac Newton so eloquently described as “every action has an equal or opposite response” does not only demonstrate itself on the world of form but also in the internal and abstract world of consciousness and human thought. The internal world of human can only be understood today in terms of abstractions and theoretical hypothesis in the mind that correlate to the behavior of the ordinary world. The study of human behavior constitutes much of our modern day sciences. What quantum physics has fundamentally taught us is that the very act and study of human awareness in relation to external phenomenon will alter the behavior of the manifestation of thoughtforms in our own consciousness. What this means is that we as conscious-sentient life forms actually manipulate and feed off information from our environmental stimulus and internally “capture” it and use it as a reference point to build from our “internalized” interpretation of consciousness. This meaning that we can physically make and build things using these interpretations and schematics of what we view as possible, which is implicit of our orientation of interpretation. Secondly we can build and construct ideas and beliefs to systemize external behavior and actions from within the dimension of our own minds. With the latter, we can actually engineer our reality and create “laws of conduct” and “laws of physics” that are the pariah of conventional and ordinary laws inside of our minds. Based on these “codes of conduct” that are outside of the typical expectations that we create for ourselves, we can manufacture an external experience that differs from the present state of experience. This capacity alone allows us to “turn on” specific possibilities and “turn off” other potentials that may be holding us back consciously or subconsciously. Understanding our ability to alter our consciousness lays a foundation for us to build a new one for ourselves.

For some of us, transformation in consciousness takes us on an entirely fresh course of self discovery and self learning. Exploring unknown realms to gain a footing of what it means to be an individual apart from the antagonistic social structure at large. That is where Astrology comes in. The notion of modern day particle physics being that “the more we know about the particle (self), the less we know about the wave (species)” is turned on it’s head when we begin to consider that our perception of our self is the reflection of the species and vice-versa.  Astrology is a tool for us to discover our unique gifts, who we are, why we are here, and where we are going and from this fresh new outlook on our place in the world, we can then forge new paths and conventions in our life to support our internal ideals for ourselves and the collective. Astrology uses patterns and quintessential facets that prove as an effective system of discovering what the incarnated essence of your consciousness has come into this life with. By utilizing what the birth chart has indicated, we can deduce what your subconscious mind is hiding from the conscious mind. The sub/unconscious’s will and desire is repressed at an exponential rate through modern life in order to meet the physical and emotional needs of the conscious mind. This in turn results in an ambiguous meaning and luster of our lives that gets smothered and extinguished by the stressful demands of daily life. From here we are overwhelmed by the inertia of our physical needs and the mind’s inclination towards basic survival. Often times sending our conscious ego into a state of frenzy and paranoia. This state of abysmal distress that the wave quality of mind puts into the particles of the body is then repeated on an unconscious cycle because the frame of waking consciousness has no other foundation to base it’s perception and belief on. Astrology serves as a broader perspective of possibility for the consciousness to construct a new realization of will and desire that are both tangible and practical moving forward into a more definitive intention and target in life. Gaining insight into the complex geometries and relationship of planets at the time of birth often times tells us an entirely different story than what we have been telling ourselves for our entire lives.

It is through astrology that we access potentials within our life to begin to live in a more aligned path that is supported by the universe where we can take back our own power to make definitive choices in our life and to start living with conviction and prowess. Science cannot tell us the meaning of our lives, it can tell us how our physical dimension operates and how we can usefully leverage our energy in this world to meet a means to our ends. The unanswered “why” will always remain elusive to those searching for purpose of existence through the means of scientific analysis. Astrology is a tool to discover the meaning latent within our psyche and it is up to us to fulfill that potential that is imprinted upon us and our vibratory signature by the stars and planets of our birth. In doing so, we can attain great wisdom and profound meaning in what it means to be human again. Will you go back to your typical work and home life while the shadowy mystery of your life’s purpose lie dormant? Your blueprint of higher awareness is waiting to be unlocked. Look no further than the planets and stars to answer your pleas for guidance. It is within the cosmos, where a greater story and ambition is illuminated by a larger than life movement.

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