December 22, 2018 Full Moon in Cancer

As we conclude the last week of 2018 we are initiated into a fight for dominance between the sun and the moon. Each full moon is brings with it two opposing forces that represent two of the most important themes in psychology and astrology. The masculine symbolized by the sun, and the feminine symbolized by the moon are the essential archetypes within the study and exploration of consciousness that are the foundations of “separation consciousness” that we experience as a human being. These two powerful celestial forces simultaneously bear their distinct qualities on the earth generating a powerful influence on the tides of the planet’s oceans as well as the bodies and minds of the planet’s people. It has been recorded that during the 3 days preceding and proceeding the full moon, the rate of births in hospitals increases as well as the most severe cases of the emergency room visits are known to occur during these lunar activated cycles. What the full moon represents for human consciousness is a culmination of what the past month’s activities and behaviors has supplied to your overall vibration and frequency. This means that all of the thoughts, moods, attitudes, and feelings that have been felt must come out and be exposed to release any stagnation and unconsciousness. In order to improve your overall state of being as a human on Earth, we need to make known and reveal those aspects that we have been hiding from others and ourselves. This means taking responsibility for the situations, people, and circumstances that we attract we experience and encounter in each and every moment. The moon who represents our nature and our ability to nurture ourselves and be our own mother is confronting and “competing” with the blinding light of the sun in the night sky as to illuminate and reveal what we have been doing to our ourselves in the pursuit of living out our dreams, goals and aspirations. Sometimes we can absolutely exhaust ourselves into a state of illness of both mind and body when we continually go after our ideals without any concern or conscious recollection of what are emotions are telling us in the instinctual act of making a place in the world for yourselves. The sun’s brilliance lights up the moon to enliven our basic needs to feel into our emotions and consciously recognize and honor them as they are now and have been since the last full moon. These sacred and precision movements of the moon allows us to bring up that which has not yet been made apparent, so that we can transform mysterious and unknown complexities of our past, from “nothing” into “something”. In other words, dedicate meaning and CHOICE to the matters and emotions that are culminating at each full moon. Below are brief descriptions of planetary alignments during this year’s holiday season. Common themes around roots and stability will give us a clearer sense of why we are congregating in mass towards the refuge and comfort of our former and previous domestic origins.

Sun Capricorn Opposite Moon in Cancer:

As we start moving into a new direction that we want to accomplish results in, we are “checked” and “challenged” by our emotional needs for safety, security, and stable living conditions. We may compare our conditions to others during this period. Perhaps seeking security and confirmation of our own validity through relationship with others or by the accomplishments of what you have achieved in comparison to other’s achievements. (Comparing what gifts and accomplishments you have provided this year.) It is important to give yourself the restoration, relaxation and nurturance that you need during this full moon so that you can feel good about the new direction and actions you are taking to “bring home the bread” and provide resources for yourself and your loved ones. How you are blending and relating with others on a deeply emotional and unconscious way may be irritating because of your desires to get results and make use of your dealings with others. Thus eliciting a “control factor” and “dominance” over others which may seem like subtle attacks to weaken others so that you can feel a “freedom” or “authority” to use those weaknesses against them and get “emotional leverage” on them. Your need for personal recognition may perhaps be overlooked as you take bold and intense measure to demonstrate your right and passion to express yourself despite the emotional implications it could have on your relations with others.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces

Optimism and joy could be dampened and watered down by the lingering feeling of an incomplete and empty sense of a personal truth and joy that may seem “lost” in the collection of the group or families subtler more mysterious feelings of inadequacy. Though good intentions may be behind the smiles and greetings that you get from others, a deep sense of wanting to inspire and uplift your family and friends in joy and feelings of excitement may seem fictitious and unrealistic. Thus prompting you to remain doubtful and hopeless in taking the initiative of inspiring and having a meaningful impact on yourself and loved ones. Our feelings of despair might give us a greater perspective of what it is we are truly living and are here to do granting us a burst of excitement and joy to celebrate in the divine and richness of your life or escape into a cave and contemplate or cover up those feelings of contradiction inside of you. The contradiction inside of you being that which does not “match” with or “align” with your circumstance that exist outside of you. Finding meaning through subjective and obscure internal beliefs and how those beliefs have shaped your experience of the present moment and your past is a prominent pattern these coming few weeks. Remain centered in a clearly defined truth for yourself to avoid being watched away by the group’s consensus and resignation about their own life/lives. Stand for what you believe in and remember that there is a great ocean of people we are confused and disoriented from living their lives through believing in ideals, dreams and fantasies that are not their own. Feeling immortal in the sense of realizing that you have overcome those things that have previously brought you back into a state of submission and defeat can inspire you to adventure and blaze your own path. You want to celebrate and enjoy you dedication and devotion over the past year of 2018 but you won’t be able to garner new motivation through your endeavors unless you dissolve the tendencies of victim hood and self sacrifice in order to feel validated and secure by those who you share a deep mutual connection with.

Mercury in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces)

Our ability to clearly define our beliefs and share them with passion, truth, and knowing will be obscured by our tendency and subconscious desires to want to have peace and quiet in our dealing and communication with others. This friction and disturbance between speaking and communicating our positivity with others may be blurred and become overshadowed by the lingering desire to be intoxicated and “blend in” with the crowd in all of their dysfunctional and self-destructive behavior and speech. To be magnanimous in your conveyance of your inner joy and deep peace is to be bold and courageous in likes of those who are confused about their own identity and beliefs. Be sure to balance your exuberant perceptions on life with a healthy dose of sensitivity and compassion to your loved ones as they may be looking to your light for transcendence and completion of the mistakes and misgivings of the past.

(Venus in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces)

Relationships could be riding on emotional highs and lows of a winding rollarcoaster as our need to feel safe in our relationships is a major priority. If you don’t feel like you are safe in your relationship you may blow it off and escape into the imagination through movies, drinking, isolation or concealment of your instability. Confrontation may be elusive as you flow from one intensity of emotions to the next. A gentleness and ease may carry your rubbery emotions into a passive and subdued state while you settle into comforts of your imagination and pay no mind to those visceral feelings that swirl around the contentment of heart’s desire.

(North Node Square Uranus in Aries)

Our need to break free from the confines of our old personality and re-orient ourselves in our private lives is eroding our willingness to settle into complete comfort. As our ambition to define ourselves through unconventional and extraordinary means lives out in our mind’s eye, we don’t necessarily feel “at home” with this energy in the background because it offers to turn our identity upside down and on it’s head. Head splitting headaches and migraines are revisited as we toil with our personal beliefs and perceptions on how we can feel liberated by the way we assert ourselves in the world. How we can settle into and feel “at home” with this complete stranger that is pounding at our door to be welcomed and invited into our delicate inner world. Will this “alien” figure of ourselves be ignored or will you welcome them into your home and offer them a cup of tea? Acknowledging that outsider that dwells within ourselves will give us an opportunity to bring in a new and exciting personality into the internal “family” that is otherwise stagnant and dull.

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