The Condition of Love in our Culture

Inspirational speakers, motivators, and positive psychology all point to the feelings of significance, purpose, legacy, honor, reputation, success, fame, fortune, glory, etc.. All of which are subjective and implicit to the experiencer who sees life and reality through the lenses of what all those words mean to them. One person’s idea of legacy may differ from another persons sense of legacy. Some of them may attach a destination, achievement, bank account number, relationship, or result to those very implicit feelings. In this way, those figures that inspire belief and inspiration in our lives are subconsciously attaching those feelings of immense joy and bliss to external, explicit, and objective things and/or behavior. If your own fulfillment is tied and attached to a future success or outcome then any sense of peace now is completely veiled from your access to that innate joy that is totally accessible to you WITHOUT needing to go through the trouble of experiencing a particular emotion, circumstance, or event. This is how we are all programmed into thinking and feeling that fulfillment exists in future time/space and at the destination of a certain location, where we will have access to the physical resource and thus the rush of emotions after you attain it. The reward of living through stress, enslaved work, attachment, and hardship will be all worth it when and IF you reach that future reality that is completely non-existent in your physical reality now, and thus is completely out of your control to feel the joy that the imagined physical reality will give to you, through the virtue of “possessing” it. You actually don’t possess ANYTHING. Not even your physical body. How much of the physical functions of the organism do actually control? You don’t even want to do what it takes in order to accomplish what you’ve been told or insisted to go through. You are putting yourself under the illusion that you possess the body and possess the object of your interest. YOU ARE NOT THE BODY. That which is “you” is not limited to mere physicality. But you want what everybody else has agreed is the answer to the happiness, fulfillment, and respect, which is: material and financial wealth. So you go through with the pain staking work just to come to the realization that what everyone said to you is “the path” (of fulfillment) isn’t what you expected it would be. And here you are, stuck with something you really care about, with an addiction and dependency that you know is killing your joy and inspiration to live a extraordinary life, and riddled with a confusing feeling of aimlessness that can’t be cured through any form of escapism or dissociation. You can’t even choose joy in the present moment you are in because your sense of joy is always in the next event, accomplishment, achievement of a goal, or past accomplishment, achievement, or occurrence. Forever stuck in time, unable to enter into the only moment of infinite choice and possibility that is possible: Now. Let it all go
(world of form) until you can feel what unconditional joy is again within your own mind and body. Unconditional love is not based on what you have produced, worked for, or achieved. Unconditional love is based on who you are now without any requirements of how things or people need to be or appear.

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