Chaney is a professional writer, astrologer, coach, hypnotherapist, polarity therapist (quantum alignment) and speaker currently located in Phoenix Arizona.  Having abused substances and struggled with addiction all through his pre-teen and teenage years, Chaney has overcome the self-repressing agents that are so common in our society today.  Through overcoming addiction and substance abuse, Chaney pursued his own passion in music performing with local bands around the valley in Phoenix Arizona for a number of years until he found the love of his life.

With a new romantic passion, Chaney began to dedicate his attention to fostering and properly experiencing his own intimate relationship of unconditional love. As the two souls matured and evolved out of relationship and into their own will, Chaney began to pursue his ardent desire of understanding the collective consciousness of the Human species.

The various years of research in metaphysics, astrology, psychology, philosophy, consciousness and modern sciences prepared him for his studies in several healing art modalities at the South Western Institute of Healing Arts (SWIHA) in Tempe, Arizona.  As his contribution to the healing, restoration, and evolution of human consciousness, he has taken all the teachings and skills of his education and applied them into his SOUL BLUEPRINT ACTIVATION practice and methodology.

Throughout his surreal adventure of experiential time, the direction of his life started with the needs and fixations of himself with drugs, escapism, and self deprecating depression. After experiencing the internal abyss of the denial of himself and his soul, Chaney made out of his existential crisis with a new found treasure of empowerment. Enabling him to give and receive love in a more conducive relationship environment.

Through the experience of surrendering his will to unconditional love with another person, he also discovered what it means to truly unite in a dedicated relationship. After subjecting himself to severe co-dependency, reliance, and pacification issues within his relationship, Chaney discovered his own ability to break free from unconscious cycles of despair and bring forth his own inner intuition to define who he is as an individuated soul.

Now as Chaney is on a self proclaimed mission to unify the fragmentation of mind, body and spirit in the human psyche, he now has vowed to serve and distribute the will of collective human consciousness among the pioneers willing to listen. Chaney practices and utilizes higher self awareness to embody the soul’s responsibility on Earth and bring in a higher potential of energy and consciousness into the human organism and thus the planet.  His personal task now is to develop a successful and lasting relationship with clients so that they themselves can begin to embody their own personal responsibilities as a SOUL incarnated into form, here upon planet Earth.