celestial birth chart

Astrology has been used throughout the centuries in human’s quest to find meaning and greater purpose. “Astro” meaning “star” and “logos” meaning “words/speech” in Greek, we can attain a much greater perspective and logical understanding of what our meaning is in life.

Using the symbol interpretation of Astrology we can overstep the logical processes of what the rational mind deems “right”,”wrong”, “possible” or “impossible” and focus on looking at the your own unique birth chart and it’s application in practical everyday choices.

By tapping into the intelligence of astrological symbols, we can access information that is ordinarily not available to us in the “waking” state of what we perceive with our physical senses and previous knowledge base. 

“Speaking the language” enables the activation and conceptual embodiment of what your true “spiritual evolution” and “soul fulfillment” will entail. Astrology can help align your efforts so that you may feel “supported” and “provided for” by the unified field of intelligence that we call life.

By interpreting the natal birth chart as well as looking at your personal progressed chart and/or planetary transits, I can identify and hone in on virtually any aspect of your life that you may be seeking clarity in. Be it, relationships, career, personality, family, spirituality and so on.

Specializing in “Karmic Destiny” readings, I focus on guiding my clients to find their purpose in life and provide answers to questions like “What am I supposed to be doing right now?”, “Why am I here?”, “How can I get out of this mess that I am in right now?”, “What do I need to do to transform my life?”, “Why am I stuck?”, “How do I get past this block?”, and “What is life supposed to mean to me?”.

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