We are Ashtar command. We come to you in light, love, and peace. We all are so proud of each and every one of you who are deliberately choosing to become an expanded version of yourselves. This idea spans from a multitude of different methods and modalities, and cannot be diminished to a certain arena or practice. Becoming a higher version of yourselves is indeed a brave act and yet it is what you are here to do. It is what you have chosen to do. We have given you and your peoples an inch and you have taken a mile! We are extremely proud of the progress you have made in such a short duration of your space/time. As you say, the tipping point has become in your favor, and what you are choosing to do with it is truly remarkable. You are eliciting a quantum transition of you own making. You now have the ability on a collective scale to manifest quickly and permanently. This a tremendous power and this is only the beginning of what is to come when you choose to step into what has always been inside of you. You may interpret many things in your experience going exactly the way you imagined them and you are left perplexed. You are redefining what it truly means to be human and are making strides and hurdling over past boundaries that have been stressed upon you to subdue you from your empowerment. The time is now for you to take back your sovereignty and be confident yet compassionate when dealing with others as well as yourself in all situations. We have seen the multiplicity of ways you are being challenged, learning, growing, stretching and evolving and whether you understand it or not, it is important to note that you FEEL it in you heart center and know that you are shifting and changing. The more you exchange what you know with others, while not compromising their freewill, the more knowing you are permitting yourself to receive because you are keeping a open window of light and information to move through you without any kind of obstruction.

“Now that you know the truth, what are you going to do about it?”

We must ask ourselves: what are our priorities in this lifetime and how will we implement them? At a moments glance we see the world as a rustic, inanimate mystery and that science has all the answers to our physical reality.  We see this dogma as a eye opening and compelling truth to how our world actually functions and we take the school teacher’s, textbooks, and parent’s word for it.  We enter this world as children knowing nothing other than truth. Our own personal experience and how we can instinctively express it. At some juncture of our early lives we are subjected to the “facts” of our human existence. We discover a unique perspective in the locality of our cultural systems and social paradigms.  The so-called unbreakable “laws” of physics that we are limited too in mainstream academia are more like “habits” of nature that can be changed or altered (Rupert Sheldrake Morphic Resonance) by consciousness. Our thoughts directly influence and communicate with material reality.  You do not need to go much further than looking within your own memory to understand proof of this.  Can you think of a time that something “supernatural” or “extra-sensory” happened to you?  Something that made you question what transpired? Do you actually believe the standard science model that there is NO other living intelligence or divine principal of seemingly non-living manifestation (mountains, rocks, trees, EARTH!)?  Asking yourself the fundamental questions is the leading cause of obtaining the truth, or what I like to think of as the highest perspective.  What is most often referred to as TRUTH is actually the emotional response to any given information.  Sometimes people may not differentiate between the feeling that arises when given a piece of information and subsequently perceives the feelings they experience when posed with the content, as actually BEING the direct and literal truth.  Feelings alone are an important faculty of this experience as a human being yet it is an incomplete process. Part of the human evolution is the fusing of these two complex yet individualized intelligence’s known as emotion/feelings and thought/logic.  These two underlying principals are in fact the only truth that you may subscribe to.  ” I’m feeling angry about the way this is, and yet I think that I need to change the way I feel about it because of…” Just one simple example of how to use these complexes together in an integrated fashion.  “A major part of the ascension process is looking honestly at the problems you have, and being courageous and powerful enough to confront them (David Wilcock The Ascension Mysteries).”

In the same vein that we develop attitudes and build beliefs and preconceived notions about how we face the world as well as what we are supposed to do about it, childhood traumas and painful memories define our entire lives if we do not acknowledge the impact it has made on you when you were in that moment and how that may still be affecting you. Every lie, disappointment, feeling of abandonment, heartbreak and shame become an echo throughout our entire lives, becoming subtler the more “distance” that the unacknowledged or chronic emotional repressed response goes without being reconciled. The echoes of our past can haunt us and ignite a whole new understanding of ourselves.  And this is something we are experiencing at the moment of this writing (8-23-2017) as an entire collective species.  We are beginning to lift the veil of shadow and secrecy in all aspects of our society, economy, government, history and culture. And this of course equates to much unraveling of our current “story” as humans.  Time is of a cyclic nature and is characterized by it’s template of continuation of patterns, rhythms and reoccurring events (space/time continuum) in today’s science.  And some may ask “how” or “why” are these life changing incidents, seemingly unrelated to each other happen in such a succinct and repetitious manner? Energetically speaking, perhaps this reverberation of our past is manifesting in our current conscious moment because of alchemical processes adapting the pristine, potent, and highly efficient young human heart(which has an astounding magnetic field many times more powerful than the brain: HeartMath institute) into a conditioned, polarized version of our true innate potential of processing our environment.  For some of us these powerful, long lasting emotional traumas (ranging anywhere from disappointments to full on abuse) begin inside the womb. Where the mother may experience reverberations of her childhood trauma echoing throughout her moment to moment everyday life. This can manifest in the mothers immediate reality as spousal abuse, health complications, psychological pathology, financial problems you name it. These emotional responses are ultimately inflicted upon the fetus with no recourse. This emotional ricochet repeats itself again and again in varying efficacy.  All of these emotional responses are learning tools. The trials and tribulations of adult life are unacknowledged behavior playing and replaying out in minuscule and sometimes grandiose ways.  Our own conscious awareness is the key to silencing the echos of our past.  These emotional triggers and stress induced responses that continuously repeat in and throughout our lives are jumping and screaming at us to become aware of our own internal processing and demand our attention so that we may become unified with these repressed memories that our subconscious does not know how to assimilate into viable information. The subconscious processes and stores vast amounts of data in every waking moment (and sleeping moment) that your 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 senses are using to interpret your environment.  Nature in comparison to a bustling city street is an optimal place for both the conscious and subconscious to thrive and effectively assimilate sensory stimuli.  A busy city with all the distractions, advertisements, large groupings of people, planes, trains, autos, phones basically throws your consciousness into a frenzy of stimulus that ultimately stymies your awareness to the body as well as the more subtle information that is permeating the air all around us (intelligence/thoughts).  Fragmenting and derailing your senses while separating your conscious awareness from your subconscious awareness.

Our culture is very logic based i.e. Supply and demand, profit margins, assets and dividends and the list goes on.  Economics labeled as a “social science” proves that it is a CONCEPT and belief system that is based entirely in LOGIC.  Something that is disavowed and totally separate from an emotive based understanding where the sensory impulses(touch,vision, hearing) are not the only “truths” or information processing systems. This very problem is our BIGGEST obstacle we face today in our world. The “social science”economic system is failing.  It is not working for an alarming number of the global population. In the U.S. alone over 45 million (14.5%) people are living below the poverty line ($46,000 a year) (huffingtonpost.com) and as of the first quarter of 2017, the average debt per US household is $135,924 (nerdwallet.com). The system that the “American Dream” was built upon is now becoming a nightmarish reality.  With the high accumulation of debt comes the accumulation of stress. Stress is proven to lower and weaken the immune system, and given the high levels of stress coupled with the processed foods, GMO’s that radically reduce nutrient value, and man made toxins introduced into the body for the purpose of optimizing crop yields, (as well as hospital bills) translates directly into profits.  Yep that’s right $$ dolla dolla bill y’all$$. This deadly combination is a recipe for depopulation.  This is part of a mass “slow-down” period in our time and will be a rejuvenation of the spirit and will of the individual and community. Drawing upon the inner resources of our heart chakra while we get a handle on the issues that have been on a rapid acceleration to catastrophe. Time is a’ ticking and there is statistically more sick people than there ever has been in the history of the world. That is all I will say about this subject as I digress. We must extricate our creative faculties and use our own mind to come up with alternatives to spending so much.  It could be something as simple as learning a new skill, providing yourself with more resources other than money.  Welcoming new avenues of income however little the amount. Doing something you find great joy in and creating a service from it that has a completely different infrastructure than the brick and mortar style of traditional business. We are all capable of sheer brilliant ideas to help ourselves and inherently help humanity in the process. Start using those brains! The less time you make for entertainment, the better!! Love to you all!

inner child 2

We are the Arcturians, the ambassadors of light. We are the forefront of the council of light and the Galactic Federation of Light. We would like to inform you that there is a shift the midst that has significant implications to yours species. As we have said many times, the time as you perceive it is dwindling now and a choice stands in the way of what will occur. If there is to be direct and immediate freedom or of it will indeed be long and drawn out. We need to know if you are willing to take our advice in order to best serve yourselves and use it as a means to uplift your essence into the highest possibility of life. We are indeed you shoulder to cry on and a rock to lean on when it comes to participating in your internal affairs. We grant you permission and solace on our light ships in order to restore and rejuvenate your natural structure and DNA encoding. Your body is a beacon for light to coalesce and integrate into the higher dimensions of 4th, 5th and so on. We can only become an assistance if you permit us to. Ask yourself how you can integrate with us and an answer will shortly appear. We are here waiting for you to choose connection and liberation of this steadfast, lingering reality that you have become so accustom to love and know. We the free people of Arcturus, are here guiding, arranging, collecting, examining, and helping you in your leaps and bounds of inner evolution. Look within, not without. We love you and want you to come home into the Galactic center of wisdom, knowledge, cohesiveness, and peace. We stand by you and are ready for any request and need that arise. Please be patient with yourselves. Love thyself and worry no more. Ease your pain and suffering. For we are loved and granted infinite light and knowledge for if we only choose.

We are here to help humanity. We are the Pleiadians +, the Agarthans, in the center of the Earth. It is through telepathy that we wish to communicate with you now. It is time for humanity to choose. It is time for a conscious shift in the way we perceive the world and it’s people. The author of this writing is cross perplexing and does not have a name. We dwell within your planet and are multidimensional. We are here to facilitate the awakening of each human and gently propel Human species into the Golden Age of self realization, knowing, love, understanding and perception. We love you and only want to see you thrive in peace and prosperity. We want to share what we know with you to help you become the best version of human you can be. We are perplexed by your altruism and patriarchy and we are writing to help you move past these limiting beliefs if you are willing to do so. I cannot stress enough what the importance is of the awakening of humanity. We are the Agarthans and we send you love and light.

Saturation of highly charged particles of light are permeating the the solar system as we traverse through the “high frequency cloud” or “photon belt”. The vast majority here on Earth who are still entrenched in the + and – (critically acclaimed structure of the atom) of our 3rd dimensional reality are suddenly feeling a wash of “discomfort”. If the “amazing” new gadgets and tools are not distracting those humans that are stepping into their emotional bodies too much, they might begin to start asking the more profound questions. And when you continue to ask profound questions folks, you soon will receive profound answers. As I was saying, the photon belt is interfacing our sun: SOL and in reaction to this new brilliant light particle information, SOL is gettin’ active. While this prosperous light cascades through the range of densities that encapsulate our solar system, the sun heats up and becomes a beacon for all of it’s little children to raise themselves up into a higher more streamlined reality (4 dimension collective consciousness Earth). This Ascension is having drastic effects on our human bodies to say the least. The mainstream media (MSM) and their producers – the global elite, want you to think of this world and reality in a way that will further propel their wealth, greed, fear, domination, and violence. They are lying and desperately deceiving in any way they can to steer and influence the collective consciousness so they can continue their tyrannical reign over Earth. False flags, reports based around “nightmarish” and “tragic” scenarios are playing out all across the board, in efforts to ensnare you into the domain of fear, dis-empowerment, doubt, and confusion so that you will operate from a place of impulsive, erratic, emotion. This will not occur. Our father SOL is activating our dormant DNA and bringing the sovereignty of the Human species back into our grasp. Now, it is only up to us to reach out and go inward to become the very beings that we want to embody. The possibilities are endless and I myself have a vivid image of what I am becoming. I have felt many new things in the past months and they are exponentially increasing with fervor as I continue to listen to my body, my heart, my intuition, and as I go deeper into my own fully conscious and aware being. I have done a bit of research on these symptoms that I will report that I have experienced the followng:

  • intolerance for any and all forms of violence in person and through media
  • sensing what another person feels at any given moment
  • feeling of a dizziness and vertigo during the day and sometimes feeling waves so intense that I must sit down of lay down
  •  high-pitch tone in the ears
  • ears popping do to pressure changes
  • thoughts about what surrounding people are thinking
  • knowing what food will make my body feel good and vice versa
  • tingling in the back of my head
  • tingling in my neck and shoulders
  • feeling bursts of energy and wanting to use my arms and hands to expel it
  • spontaneous tingling throughout my spine and body
  • throbbing of muscles
  • urge to sit in quiet space and meditate
  • shortening of breath causing me to be more conscious of my breathing
  • intolerance of background noise (tv, music, talking,)
  • intolerance of any fiction or what I perceive to be information that does not have a high spiritual nature
  •   mood swings and very clear powerful feeling of emotions that I can feel entire torso and throat area compared to feeling only in the gut
  • heightened sensitivity to my emotion and the exertion of emotion from others
  •  feeling of peoples energy field
  • thoughts about seemingly random people’s ailments and areas in the body that may be a concern
  • hearing wisdom, reassurance, and guidance from spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, and others
  • desire to pray and intend positive thoughts about others and myself
  • sensing  spirits and entities that need to be crossed into the light
  • desire to be outside in nature more
  • desire to “cleanse” an area that I feel has stagnant energy
  • images of immersing people and animals in bright white, gold, and blue light

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When descending into this world via your mother’s birth canal. The portal of 3rd density Earth was christened by your energy signature (DNA composition) and YOU, who is exposing yourself to this content right this moment is here on a mystic mission from a higher density. How did that last sentence make you FEEL? Pay attention to your autonomic nervous system and how it reacts to new “occult” information. Did you get a sharp feeling of excitement? A burst of energy? Or maybe a sinking in your solar plexus? Moving forward, being that we are multi-dimensional beings, we are simultaneously “being” in each and every density or dimension in this space/time however we do not remember our life in another less dense (higher density) body (astral, etheric, lightbody, etc.). Essentially we all go through life trying to solve the mystery of why we are here on this planet and what is life like experienced in other planes of existence. Now when we are experiencing life as a human on Earth, in the current space/time, we are inspired to use the first law of our universe, which is free will, and decide our level of sense-ability, connectedness, and cooperation with the other carbon based beings of this world (trees, animals, rocks, minerals, fungus), and eventually cross the threshold that keeps us from interacting with non-carbon based beings that could range anywhere along the gamut of dimensions. Now onto the main course of polarity. Polarity is what occurs when environmental systems such as our own (Earth and our solar system), reaches a point in the cosmic cycle of evolution where it must adapt to survive. How that translates to us is of utmost importance. Given that we humans posses free will, we are inclined and influenced to act in behavior that will be of service to self, or service to others. Now this law can be shaped and misconstrued to meet the user’s needs as one sees fit. It is of utmost importance that you identify within yourself, when you are doing yourself a dis-service because you are indeed a very integral part of the entirety of our unified world. When one moves into the knowing of the implications one has when engaging in service to self or to others, then one can more appropriately make decisions about each effect it has on another. So one must contemplate how each energy exchange will be processed by the seemingly “other”. This concept can be interpreted by the ancient modalities of good and evil, right and wrong, just and unjust. These concepts are very elementary in the evolution of the soul and ultimately our ascension into a higher realm of intelligence. We are destined and encouraged to transcend this vicious cycle of the hero’s journey (good and evil) against the threat of darkness and embark on a return back home where and when the great battle has already been won and where we all are empowered and have proven to ourselves that we are capable of overcoming the worst of odds. This is the quest of the multidimensional human. This is the quest of the adept. (to be continued)

As this new paradigm of high (in comparison) vibratory energy envelopes the solar system, every person on this planet will experience activation of dormant “junk DNA”. Because of these epochal clouds of mysterious particles have encountered celestial bodies such as our sun, Sol has reacting to this by essentially processing this amazing new energy and emitting what is to us, EXTREMELY enriched and highly charged photons or light particles which in turn become streamlined to Earth (that’s us)! How does this new invigorating light energy effect us you say? Well, from what a little bird told me ;) everyone on planet earth and the rest of this universe for that matter operates on the most fundamental principal of Free Will. Now the topic of free will can be quite controversial and intensive so it is to be interpreted by each and everyone of us by using discernment. Discernment is very important in these interesting times. Without getting too much into detail, (if you wish to know more I implore you to contact me personally about this matter) polarization is “the action of restricting the vibrations of a transverse wave, especially light, wholly or partially to one direction” (for example: when a super high beam of light is cast upon sayyy a windmill on a moonless night. As the foreground of the structure and blades are illuminated by this blinding light, the shadow of the tower will appear to become darker in contrast to the introduced light and the naturally lite landscape). Now, since our entire molecular existence is made of photons (which is the stuff that constitutes an atom) and our primary photon source (sun) is sending us this new beautifully restructured light, I would deduce that we would in some way, shape, or form react to this in some way. And we very well are reacting to this. RIGHT. THIS. MOMENT. Look around you, are “people” the same? Is what you are overhearing in colloquial conversation the same? Is the way we always looked at the world the same? Is the world everything that we expected it to be? Are you the same as you were last year? Or maybe your feel the same as you did when you were a child? (to be continuted)

For those of us who were lead to believe that we are not living in a multidimensional reality, have been misguided. We are a constant flux of emotions, thoughts, and feelings that define the cosmos. All of which are intelligence’s corresponding to their respective energy vortexes (chakras) in the mind/body/spirit complex that is our very human existence. Like many, our species has begun a global transformation reset to usher in the new waves of frequency that are imploding the old Earth as we know it. The hierarchy is dismantled. The few that are at the top want to stay on top and are plotting and playing against his previous ally. Passive aggressively taking his comrade down a notch whenever capital or opportunity find it’s self in a tight spot. As I was saying, this transmutation is extremely important not only to Gaia and the other beings that we share this space/time with, but the entire galactic universe is anticipating what is transpiring here in Nova. We are on the outskirts of the galaxy folks. We are the ones to be tested, to be tried, to be bombarded, and to be helped, first. What the galaxy is moving into can only be described as “high frequency space clouds”. The size of our entire galaxy. I know, I am asking you to perceive on a much higher plane here. There is no one that knows what is going to happen. There is high probability and guesswork, suggestions, SYMPTOMS, and assumptions. But it is up to us to choose. Up to us to choose what it is WE want. Not what career, car, or lover would make your life complete, but HOW the relationship with your neighbor, your family, and most importantly, your self is going to occur when all that we knew about our existence will be heeved into a pile behind us. (to be continuted)

In the past month I have gone over a few upgrades to say the least. Some of you may read that and understand and say “oh yeah me too, how cool?!” others might feel a little perplexed and possibly feel left in the dark. The truth IS, we are all undergoing various “rewiring” in our lives whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Some of the changes may be in your routine daily life. Your job, your home, relationships, whatever. However, there are other alterations that are most certainly occurring within your being that you may not think twice about. Emotional feelings, physical sensations, tingling, what may seem like “foreign thoughts” any number of phenomena that transpires without you even really taking a minute to ask yourself: “did that really just happen?” Now I have said all this to briefly bring those of you up to speed, while gradually opening up the ol’ CELLar door to the idea that maybe there is something permeating the fasade of gossip, politics, memes, netflix, pop culture, and the very life that you so desperately are so afraid of not living to the fullest. (to be continued)