Using effective life coaching training protocols, I have found a way to infuse high spiritual principles into the one-on-one session that will speak to the resounding wisdom within yourself. All of the answers you ever wanted are within your own subconscious. Soul Blueprint Activation Coaching engages the compartmentalized facets of the subconscious that you may not have access to in any lifestyle that disregards your purpose here as a human being on Earth. These techniques are designed to engage your true desires and deepest impulses to activate your own unique cosmic blueprint.

Birth chart art.jpg                                                       birth chart art 2

I will use penetrating questions and hold you accountable for your own “plan of potential”, that your consciousness designed to fulfill before you incarnated. Using the information from your astrological natal chart to help identify your gifts, we can understand the kind of attributes you will need to exemplify in order to step into living a life of joy, fulfillment, self authority, confidence, and unlimited inspiration.
Specific information that is present within your birth chart will support your objective in life as well as your subjective and personal experience that you have encountered so far. Brief consideration of the astrological chart will help you make sense of your own life journey up until now, and will set you on a course to succeed in living the highest expression of your ACTIVE SOUL BLUEPRINT!

The tools outside of the astrological chart that I will be using are formulated to effectively engage the presence inside of you that you may “wall off” in the rat-race of our society. In day-to-day life we suppress our core emotional needs, which is not exclusive to the human organism, in order to get the bills paid, bellies fed, and a roof over your head. This constant state of survival for the human is detrimental to the full expression of the cosmic blueprint that you are designed to carry out and embody. This blueprint is stored within the cells of your body and is interwoven in your DNA and unconscious awareness.

As a child you were fully aware of your mission here on Earth to help humanity and the planet thrive in these confounding times. Over the many years of conditioning, indoctrination, and education, the suppression of your own “evolutionary impulse” and “biological imperative” is neglected so that we can live within the rules and perimeters of others (family, friends, institutions, schools, churches, society, teachers).

Your unique soul purpose of incarnating on this planet has been wedged deep into the recesses of your subconscious mind to be addressed at a future time. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACTIVATE AND AWAKEN THE POSSIBILITY OF YOUR OWN EARTH-HUMAN EXPERIENCE.  Humans stuff emotions and thoughts that do not want to interface the meaning and real purpose/use/priority of why we are experiencing them. The same goes with the existential question of “why” and “how” we are we here on the planet, incarnated to live as a human being. Most of us accept the answers that are given to use by authority figures such as parents, school curriculum, teachers, churches, politicians etc.  However it is important to note that once we settle with an answer, we shut down our critical thinking processes. Thus conforming and shaping our unique needs and gifts into the mold that our society has cast us in. 
I will help you identify the “right” questions that need to be addressed and prevent the unnecessary overwhelm in the quandaries of ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’,’where’,’why’, and ‘how’.  Your conscious mind is designed to help answer these important questions but more often then not,  your success as a “fully realized version of yourself” is not indicative of having answers to these questions. Questions are the foundation of creating more “space” in your life to be on the outside, what you truly are on the inside.