“Time is what keeps everything from happening all at once.” – Einstein

Quantum theory has changed everything. What we once have termed as  a mechanical universe is now a cosmic web of intelligence. It is in this environment where thoughts begin to make sense. Our logical-waking mind is the “gatekeeper” for infinite intelligence to trickle through into our “ordinary” lives as modern day humans. When we begin to learn how to access alternate states of awareness that are implicit of the subconscious, unconscious, and super-conscious mind, we can learn to live higher ideals today that are complementary to our elusive immaterial thoughts and emotions that operate beyond the dimension of form. The universal mind that everyone on Earth shares is designed to give us more of what is already happening.  The Nature of Thoughts explores the compartmentalized “minds” of awareness and aspires to correlate these segmented qualities of awareness to major organizing functions in the human body as well as the psyche. It is from here, we learn what it means to live spontaneously in the subtle “flow” of life, and where we can feel “supported”by the universal intelligence. With this new framework of perception and corroborating evidence, we can begin to bear feelings that were previously unbearable before. “Awakening” means to know how to be a multidimensional human being inside of an obsolete world of reductionist thought.  Acknowledging our ability to alter our state of consciousness lays a foundation for us to build a new realization of possibility for ourselves. Human consciousness is only as limited as you identify it to be. When we think and act in a manner that is in alignment with the integrity of our subconscious, illogical, and irrational desires, we begin to witness synchronicity and “mini miracles” occur in our lives. Walking the path between spirit and incarnation is a narrow one, and it is easy to get distracted by the world of formalities. The Nature of Thoughts provides an opportunity for readers to restructure a convention in their lives that is compromising the integrity of their own will power and sovereignty as a multifaceted human being.

The Nature of Thoughts: A Guide to Navigating Human Consciousness is dedicated to the activation of DNA within the human species. The Nature of Thoughts will unlock the shackles of your own thinking that keeps you in a suppressed and subdued state of being. This book offers many universal truths and is not for the faint of heart. Those seeking to transform their lives and break free from the cycles of sleep will find unlimited inspiration from the contents of this book. Those who are not ready for the information of this book will put the book down until it is time for them to activate their individual soul blueprint. The time of activation cannot be rushed and it will be an intuitive knowing of the reader when their activation can and will ensue. For now, your life begins.